The Terry Rozier show: Ep.1

The Terry Rozier show: Ep.1

I don’t know how it could be possible now to not know who Terry Rozier is. He was drafted just 3 seasons ago and is now helping lessen the blow of the injury-riddled Celtics in an Eastern Conference semi-finals game.

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Rozier (1 of 2 Louisville drafted guards that are making a name themselves in the NBA playoffs this year) lead the team with 29 points, 7 three pointers and grabbed 8 rebounds. Granted Rozier, being the star of the show, still had a great cast working around him tonight. Rozier, Horford, and Jayson Tatum combined for 83 points. Marcus Smart came up big with 9 assists while 5 players finished with positive double digit plus/minus.

The plot for the Sixers was their 3 point shot. It was just not falling the way it had been in the Miami series. They fired up 26 three pointers and made only 19.2% of them.

Joel Embiid was a bit of a bright note in Game 1. He scored 31 points on 57% shooting. He made a couple threes and pulled down 13 rebounds. Out of players that logged 30 or more minutes for Philadelphia, Redick was the only player that had a better plus/minus than Embiid.


Philly lead for just shy of half of the first quarter, and for a small stint in the second. Other than that, this game was all Celtics lead by Terry Rozier. The emergence of a player like this in times like these make some of us start asking questions like “What are they going to do when Kyrie comes back?”

What will Episode 2 of the Terry Rozier show reveal for the series to come? There will be at least 4-7 episodes airing of season 1 with chance of filming a season 2, and 3 depending on our success.

To be continued…

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