The Run Down Of Boston Paintball’s Event 2 D3 X-Ball Prelims

The Run Down Of Boston Paintball’s Event 2 D3 X-Ball Prelims

Eight teams competed at Boston Paintball for the event 2 NEPXL D3 X-Ball championship. The rain came down hard and early and lasted through mid-day. By the time the finals came around it was a beautiful hot and sunny day.

Event 1 winners New England Outlawz came in looking to go back to back while powerhouse New England Infamous comes back trying to knock them down a notch. Infamous finished second at the last event.

Another interesting note is that New England powerhouse New England Wreckage, fresh off a win the previous weekend at another paintball tournament was entered into this event.

The day started out with an upset as Voltage took down Infamous in the very first set of D3 during the day. They won the match with a dominating 5-1 victory. The other match in set 2 saw Wreckage win 5-2 with 3:48 left on the clock.

In set three on field one, Exalted took down reigning winners Outlawz four to two as time expired. Deadbox Factory took down Chubby Chasers 5-3 in this set. Cory Foss stood out big. On the second point he ran up the D side while two guys were still on the field. He ran strait to the buzzer and got the point to take a two-nothing lead.

After a one set break for D4 to play on field one, Set five saw Infamous beat down Boss Ballers 4-1 with a time expire. Boss Ballers looked like a more complete team at this event and didn’t just rely on Allen Wood and Jason Ward. It was good to see teammates Aaron Llewellyn and Stefano Sarratori get involved heavily.

In the other match in set five saw Wreckage absolutely man handle Voltage 4-0. The up side for Voltage was how long they made each point take. Nicholas Katz, Allen Moore, and Timothy Barrow all spent significant time on the field just staying alive. They knew Wreckage was the better team and I believe this strategy was the best possible thing they could have done.

Set six gave us a classic between Outlawz and Deadbox Factory. Outlawz took them game 4-2 after a five man assault for the third point swung the game in their favor. Anthony Coviello once again shined throughout the day with his running strait up the middle. William Peters also had a few good moves in this set to ensure they made the playoffs.

Chubby Chasers lost again in this set to Exalted. The defending D4 5-man champions got Annihilated 4-0 with over 5 minutes still on the clock.

The final draw 1 set gave us the matchup we’ve all been waiting for. Many thought it would be the final. Wreckage took on Infamous. If infamous loses, they don’t make the playoffs at all. The strategy infamous played was questionable at best. They took as much time off the clock as possible with each point. In a situation where they absolutely had to win. This move didn’t go over well.

Wreckage was in no rush to concede point. Infamous to the first point. Wreckage grabbed the second. After the third point, infamous has two players just stand on the field waiting for Wreckage to concede. It took two and a half minutes for that to happen. Wreckage came back with a quick point to tie up the game. That’s how it ended and due to the tie, infamous gets eliminated.

Boss Ballers didn’t have a good day on the field. It was one of those days where they just didn’t have it. They only managed to grab 5 points in this entire tournament. In this match they lost 3-2 in the closest game they had on the day. Voltage made their way into the playoffs with this win.

The final set before the playoffs would show us an Exalted/Deadbox Factory matchup. Deadbox got the 2-1 lead and never really looked back winning the game 5-2. With that, Deadbox heads into the playoffs. Exalted went 2-1 and would then miss the playoffs due to the tiebreaker.

The Outlawz made quick work of Chubby Chasers 4-0. In their last two games, Chubby Chasers went 0-8 for points. The only points they scored all day were the first game they played against Deadbox.

The playoffs looked like this:

Wreckage – Deadbox Factory

Outlawz – Voltage

Check back soon for the playoffs article!

All photos by Daniel DePalmer of Game Changer Sports Network

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