The reserve that Cleveland must tap into in order to advance to the ECF’s

The reserve that Cleveland must tap into in order to advance to the ECF’s

Look.  Here are LeBron James point totals for the 4 wins in the first round win over the Indian Pacers: He scored 46, 32, 44, and 45 points on .619% shooting in wins.  You couldn’t be more efficient in the series if your name is LeBron James.  He lead his team in Points, Rebounds, and assists in a playoff series for the 20th time and for the first time he advanced in a playoff series where not one of his teammates scored over 20 points once.  James commented after the series that all he is thinking about at the moment “IS GOING HOME”, to rest.


James is right though. He is going to need some rest, and respectively more out of his teammates if he wants to repeat what he’s been able to do to the Toronto Raptors in past match-ups.  Toronto has been able to prove nay-sayers wrong this year by achieving the best record in the Eastern Conference.  They also were able to overcome their game 1 losing streak that everyone couldn’t stop talking about, and they wrapped up a series nicely against John Wall and the Wizards; controlling most of the series.

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The main narrative for this round 1 series between the Cavaliers and Pacers was LeBron’s supporting cast, or lack there of.  Kyle Kuzma was even caught deleting a tweet saying this years Cavs looked the like the Cavs in 2007.

Jeff Green, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, and Larry Nance combined for 1-11 in the close out game.

In game seven Tristan Thompson was brought out of the dark and reminded everyone why he was handed an $82 million contract.


Thompson was the reserve that made his mark in this one, and he couldn’t have chose a better game to re-emerge.  His rim protection and ability to switch out onto defenders on the perimeter really made a difference in that game, lifting Cleveland to the second round. He should go on to play a huge role in helping the Cavaliers advance to their fourth straight Eastern Conference Finals.

LeBron James left the game in the third quarter in game seven up by only 2 points.  When he came back in, the team had brought the lead to 9.   I can’t recall a time in the series when the reserves were able to hold their own while LeBron was not in.

Tristan received a season high 34 minutes in game seven.  I thought it had to be a mistake when checking but correct me if I’m wrong: Coach Tyrone Lue had not played Tristan Thompson more than 34 minutes one time this entire season.

Lately, most people with Tristan Thompson’s name in their mouths have been talking about his personal life.  Finally his play is what people are talking about, and rightfully so.  Hopefully something inside him turns on and he’s reminded that his hard work and play were the things that got him to where he is today and not anything else.

With a season high in minutes he was able to bring in a double-double while adding 1 block, affecting the game in more areas than just the box score.

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