The Real Reason Rask Left The Bubble

The Real Reason Rask Left The Bubble

Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask left the bubble after receiving a phone call from his wife regarding a medical emergency with one of his daughters, per Greg Hill of WEEI Sports Radio.

Hill had this to say regarding the situation : “I can tell you that he got a phone call in the bubble from his wife, because there was a medical emergency with their daughter. Basically the kind of situation where I believe Tuukka Rask did what every parent would do and was obviously very concerned. It was suggested they seek medical help. Without revealing what that was, because I think I probably should leave that to him — he did tell me — as a father of two kids, I would be panicked and alarmed upon hearing that about a young kid.”.

Rask has gotten a lot of criticism from various important hockey people for his decision to leave his team before game three of their first round series against the Hurricanes. While a lot of people were claiming he abandoned his team because he simply did not want to play, this goes to show we should never be too quick to judge.

While his daughter is now fine, it would be a stretch to think that he’s coming back to the bubble. He already wasn’t mentally all there. Shoving him in a hotel room by himself for 14 days with guards outside the door is probably not the best option.

We will be keeping up with the situation as more information becomes available.

Picture source : USAToday

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