The “Polar Bear” Shines in Rookie Campaign

The “Polar Bear” Shines in Rookie Campaign

“There’s no crying in baseball.”

*Unless you’re a New York Mets first baseman with the nickname Polar Bear that happened to just set the MLB rookie season record for home runs. Then it’s okay.

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On Saturday night, Pete Alonso of the New York Mets set the rookie season home run with his 53rd home run of the season, beating out the record of fellow New York athlete Aaron Judge. Not completely absorbing what he just did immediately, Alonso waited until the next half inning to let the tears flow. An emotional moment for an emotional guy that he will surely never forget. After the game, Alonso met with the press, “This year has been unforgettable for me,” Alonso said. “I think this is my most fun year I’ve ever had playing baseball. It’s been extremely special. I’m going to remember this season for the rest of my life. Making the team out of camp and being able to be extremely successful, it’s been miraculous.”

Many are intrigued by his personality, some by his stature, and others by his play. Whatever way one sees him, there’s no denying he’s a tantalizing figure. In interviews, he’s awesome with the media. Always being honest and approaching them with smiles. After walking off against the Phillies a couple weeks ago, Pete Alonso did an interview shirtless with a reporter after the game. His unorthodox antics with the media are all apart of the intrigue of the Polar Bear.

On the field he lives up to the hype. Hitting a solid .260 with 53 home runs and 120 RBI’s, he’s proved that not only did he have a great season, but an all time great season for a rookie. To top this all off, Alonso won the ever exciting 2019 Home Run derby by beating out fellow rookie Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Despite a disappointing ending for the Mets, Alonso stayed optimistic, “It’s unfortunate. But I think there’s a lot of positives and I feel like that’s going to have some building blocks and momentum going into next year.”

Mets fans have been yearning for the next David Wright. Pete Alonso has made a great case in his rookie campaign to be that guy.

Photo Credit:, Bleacher Report

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