The NBA All-Decade Team

The NBA All-Decade Team

It’s hard to believe that we are about to enter a new decade. The NBA has recycled thousands of players from 2010-2020. Players come and go, but every decade seems to have what we call “generational talents”. Basketball fans have been blessed to see the true superstars of the era. As we get set to enter a new decade, GCSN looks at the NBA’s All-Decade team.

LeBron James

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This should come as no surprise. LeBron has been the best player on earth for the better part of 15 years. He began as a man-child donning the threads of Saint-Vincent Saint-Mary’s high school in Akron, Ohio. James was met with an immense amount of pressure from the time he was 16. Now, in his 17th year of NBA basketball, we can safely say that he’s surpassed even the loftiest of expectations. LeBron also has 3 rings this decade, to go along with 8 finals appearances. LeBron James is a lock for the All-Decade starting five.

Kevin Durant

The second best player of the generation also happens to be the most gifted scorer of all time, in my opinion. 6’11, with guard skills, quick as a cat, and can shoot from anywhere. KD is something we’ve never seen before. I can guarantee we will never see a more dominant scorer. At least not for a while. Durant turned the Golden State Warriors into a dynasty, and won 2 Finals MVPs along the way. This selection is a no-brainer and even the most casual basketball fan would include Kevin Durant in their list. He is that special.

Stephen Curry

Steph Curry is currently on the injury report, and his team sits dead last in the NBA. Despite the current mediocrity, which won’t last, no basketball fan forgets the 5 straight finals appearances, 3 rings, and 2 MVPs (1st ever unanimous MVP). The accolades are sort of diminished due to the absolute dominance of the Warriors, but for better or worse, Curry changed the way the game of basketball is played. Spacing is a key in each and every offense in the NBA. Teams are jacking 40-50 threes per game and that is because of Stephen Curry.

Kawhi Leonard

He’s a fun guy, who loves the game of basketball. There are few better in the game today than Kawhi. His historic playoff run with the Toronto Raptors culminated with his his second ring as well as his second finals MVP trophy. Leonard has been a top 3 player for a few years now, but it is his postseason resumé that garners him a spot on this list. No one is a fan of “load management”. He probably won’t eclipse more than 70 games played this year, and it won’t stun me if that’s the case for the remainder of his career. Kawhi Leonard is a humble superstar who can takeover in the biggest of moments. One of the greatest defenders of all-time in an era where defense is optional.

James Harden

The first four players on this list are set in stone. James Harden is a great player but doesn’t share the same team accomplishments the other players have. I don’t think he’ll win a ring, I could be wrong. Harden is revolutionizing the game in his own right with his ability to get to the line and score at will. The only reason why him making this list is a debate is because he came of the bench for Oklahoma City throughout the early part of the decade. James Harden is a fantastic player and edged out the likes of Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Anthony Davis to make this list.

The 2020s are looking like they have a few generational talents of their own: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Dončić, Anthony Davis, etc. We are in the most exciting era of basketball. Enjoy the ride!

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