The Lamar Jackson Fluke Is In Full Effect

The Lamar Jackson Fluke Is In Full Effect

QB Lamar Jackson had one of the most interesting two games to open up the 2019 NFL season for the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson instantly got the most hype out of any player from his week 1 game to this week 3 game.

The Ravens opened up the season with a 59-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins. He threw for 5 touchdown passes, two of which were over 40 yards to Marquise Brown. It was an impressive game where he ended with 324 yards and 5 touchdowns on just 20 throws.

I may have lied to you. It wasn’t an impressive game at all. He destroyed the worst team in the league in the Dolphins. I’m glad an average QB can have a game he is supposed to against a college team and get all this praise.

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In week 2 the Ravens slid past the the Arizona Cardinals 23-17. Jackson went for 272 yards and 2 touchdowns. That kind of performance against a below average team should have been the signal that he wasn’t the real deal.

When Jackson finally went on to take on a good team he got destroyed. 22 for 43 with 267 yards and no touchdowns. Jackson was essentially shut down. Jackson’s season came back to earth. The fluke is finally over and it only last two weeks. The first real game they had, he floundered.

Next week Jackson and the Ravens face another tough team in the Cleveland Browns. No QB has yet to throw over 250 yards against their defense through the first two games of their season. This is written before Cleveland’s week 3 Sunday night game against the Rams.

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  1. We lost by 5 points, do you even know football. Game was lost by coaching, we could at least taken to overtime. Lol you’re a joke

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