The Jets Have An Interesting Situation

The Jets Have An Interesting Situation

For a team that has been starving to have a sustainable quarterback for a couple years now, the New York Jets are in a great spot as they start their rebuild.

They have not just one, but two viable options they can use to lead the offenses on week 1. Former Vikings standout Teddy Bridgewater and first round pick Sam Darnold have both looked good this preseason.

The question now becomes: “how do they handle this situation?”. You have two QBs brought in for different reasons. Bridgewater was brought in as a potential starter if nothing went right in the draft. Darnold was drafted as the future.

Bridgewater is outshining Darnold by a mile in preseason. That’s not to say that Darnold looks bad, because he doesn’t. Actually, he looks great. He’s making generic and easy to fix rookie mistakes.

Do you start your future now and let him get that play time or do you go with the backup plan who is crushing it on the field. If I was Head Coach Todd Bowles I would start Bridgewater.

I’m a firm believer in a red shirt rookie year for QBs if the team can allow it. Let the rookie sit for a year and just learn. Give Darnold the time to sit down with coaches and pick apart game film on the NFL level. He will come into 2019 with a better understanding of the game.

Bridgewater gives the Jets the best chance to win right now. Now don’t get me wrong, this team is most definitely in a rebuild. So win now could really just mean six wins, and to me, that would be a successful season.

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