The Hurt Business’ Potential in the WWE

The Hurt Business’ Potential in the WWE

On Monday Night Raw last week, the Hurt Business grew by one, when Cedric Alexander betrayed his partners Ricochet and Apollo Crews to join up with MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin. Since first appearing on Raw some weeks ago, The Hurt Business has been (in my opinion) one of the most interesting storylines in WWE today. With the United States Championship added into the mix, and with the performances on the mic by MVP, the Hurt Business is here, and to quote MVP himself…”business is booming”.

When you look at the structure of the Hurt Business, you can almost compare it to another fantastic stable from back in the day. Now, it may be a little bit of a stretch due to the popularity and accolades of all involved, but think about what Evolution was. You had Triple H, the man that was on top of the wrestling industry at the time, and the leader of Evolution. Now, MVP is nowhere near what Triple H was back in the day, but since coming back to WWE, MVP has been doing fantastic work on the mic and does a great job as the leader of the Hurt Business.


MVP makes the Hurt Business feel legit just by the way he speaks and acts. You had Ric Flair, the veteran of the group. Again, it’s blasphemous to compare Shelton Benjamin to Ric Flair, but at one point Shelton Benjamin was a total fan favorite, and is truly an underrated wrestler in the WWE. Even though he is 2 years younger than MVP, I see Benjamin more of a veteran than MVP, mostly because he’s been wrestling longer. You have Batista, the muscle of Evolution, which would obviously be United States Champion Bobby Lashley. And now you have Cedric Alexander. Alexander may not have as much potential as Randy Orton had, but he is a phenomenal talent that just hasn’t gotten a chance to prove it yet. This could very well be that chance.

One thing I enjoy about the Hurt Business is their look. Backstage MVP, Lashley, and Shelton all dress in nice suits and feel like a big deal when wearing them. The black and gold shirts are extremely good looking as well. And wouldn’t you know it, who else wore suits and had black and gold shirts? Yup, Evolution. Again, I’m in no way comparing the talent level of Evolution to the Hurt Business, but structure wise? This feels, to me, like a modern, updated Evolution with mid-card guys that could all be featured in the main event in a short amount of time.

WWE made the decision to put the United States Championship on Bobby Lashley, which not only gives Lashley his second reign with the US title, but it also gives more legitimacy to the Hurt Business. When Lashley returned, we all thought it would be to set up a potential match between him and Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, which hasn’t happened. Even though it’s only the United States Championship, it’s still a title that the Hurt Business can brag about having in their stable. Shelton Benjamin was holding the 24/7 Championship, but we all know that title really means nothing.


Adding the 31 year old Cedric Alexander could open an opportunity in the tag title picture as well. The Street Profits have now held the Raw Tag Team Championships for 195 days at this point, and the lack of challengers has hurt them in my opinion. After they beat Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy for the title, and beat them at Elimination Chamber the next week, they’ve only faced The Viking Raiders and Angel Garza and Andrade. If they wanted to, they could overpower the Hurt Business and have Cedric and Shelton take the Raw Tag Championships from the Street Profits, which I would be all for, seeing as how it would put gold on Cedric Alexander.

I look at the stables in wrestling today, and can honestly see The Hurt Business being a top stable in WWE. Stables like The Undisputed Era, Inner Circle, and The Elite work because of the people involved, and the booking. If WWE can actually book The Hurt Business in a way that doesn’t make them look like low level talent, it could be a huge plus for a company that lacks interesting storylines. And the superstars involved are veteran talents that know how to get over. MVP, Shelton, and Lashley were all over at some point in their career, and Cedric Alexander’s talent alone is enough to get him over. We could be looking at a stable that will take over the WWE…or just a stable that falls apart because WWE doesn’t know what the words “long term booking” mean.

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