The Future of the Pittsburgh Steelers Filled With Uncertainty

The Future of the Pittsburgh Steelers Filled With Uncertainty

The Pittsburgh Steelers find themselves at the beginning of the season scrambling to salvage what’s left of this season. They made a series of trades with the Miami Dolphins just a day after veteran and franchise QB Ben Roethlisberger went down with a season ending injury to his throwing arm during a week two, 28-26 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. First we’ll analyze the trades that transpired.

Steelers Trade

  • First round pick (2020)
  • Fifth round pick (2020)
  • Sixth round pick (2021)

Steelers Recieve

  • free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick
  • Fourth round pick (2020)
  • Seventh round pick (2021)

What does this mean moving forward?

It seems as if the Steelers are confident in Ben Roethlisberger making a full recovery. It doesn’t appear that they feel the need to start looking for someone to fill the role of 37 year old Roethlisberger. Instead, they turn their focus onto the defensive side of the ball. Particularly, into the lackluster secondary that has been in shambles for nearly a decade. Keep in mind, the 100th season of the NFL is still young and they do have some time to recover some valuable assets before the season is over if they do decide to go into a complete rebuild.

There’s still plenty of questions to be asked.

Will Big Ben decide to finally hang it up? At 37 years old this season and sustaining a injury of this magnitude leaves many to question his commitment to rehab. Usually, the breakdown of the body of an average elite quarterback starts at about 37-38 years of age depending on the style of play. Big Ben isn’t known to be a quarterback who prioritizes health and longevity like a Tom Brady. His commitment to the game has been in question since he mentioned about the possibly hanging it up back in 2017. He has recently made statements to fans that he has no interest in retiring. Will the road to recovery change his mind? With age, it comes down the battle of attrition. Can he change things in his game that will significantly decrease the chances of re-injury or injury to another part of his body? Secondly, will his effectiveness on the field decrease? Has Ben hit the “cliff”?

It will certainly be interesting to see where Ben truly sees himself at this current stage of his career and where the Pittsburgh Steelers see themselves as a team moving forward. In my personal opinion, the league is great with a competitive Steelers squad with Ben Roethlisberger leading the charge. If he feels that he can compete and has a ways to go before retirement, I am for it. The Steelers recent moves have yet to be proven as “good” or “bad” moves, but they sure did go all in on Minkah Fitzpatrick. Are the Steelers moving in the right direction? or should they be looking ahead into the future?

Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty images

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