The End of An Era?

The End of An Era?

Matt Harvey entered New York in 2012 as the future face of the franchise, while also starting for the National League All-Star team during the 2013 season.  

Harvey has recently seen some trouble with his command, leading the Mets to move him into the bullpen. During the transition the New London, the Connecticut native has struggled, most recently noticeable on Thursday after giving up 5 runs to the Braves during an appearance.

Friday afternoon at 3:15 PM EST, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson, manager Mickey Callaway, and pitching coach Dave Eiland met with the former starter to talk about a demotion to the minor league AAA team. This would allow the 29-year-old to work on his command and make his way back to the major league rotation as a dominant pitcher once again.

Harvey spoke with his agent Scott Boras, and replied within a 45-minute time frame, which allowed the Mets to hold a press conference at 4:00 PM EST. The reliever rejected the demotion, which he is able to do since he has been in the Majors for more than 5 years, leaving the Mets with no other options.


The organization announced that Harvey would be removed from the roster, as he would be listed as designated for assignment (DFA), effective Saturday, which would then give them 7 days to either trade or release Harvey.

“I think we’ve tried to find some other solution over a fairly long period of time. This was a long time coming. It’s something we tried to address, we struggled with, and we wrestled with over two managerial regimes. The move to the bullpen was dramatic in itself. I think at this point, pragmatism and realism far outweighed other considerations,” Alderson stated during the conference.

While there is no doubt throughout the league that Harvey will be given a second chance, the question now seems to be where he will find a landing spot.

Whatever happens in the near future, Alderson summed it up best. This is “the end of an era.”


Picture Credit: SI.Com; BarstoolSports.Com

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