The Eagles Want What for Nick Foles?

The Eagles Want What for Nick Foles?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Nick Foles just won Super Bowl M.V.P. with the Philadelphia Eagles. I get that, I really do, but he is not worth a first round pick in this years NFL draft.

Foles wasn’t even a good starter when he did start. He rode the wave that was the Eagles season after Carson Wentz went down with his injury. There is no way a team not named the Browns are dumb enough to trade a first round pick for him.

Despite the Eagles getting “multiple” offers on him, there has been no word on of any deal is even close. Barring a miracle, I don’t see him moving. The most realistic trade you could get for him would be a third round pick.

Despite the now famous run he has proven how inconsistent he really is. No team should take the chance on him for a first round pick (plus more). Either the Eagles will have to be willing to budge or a team will need to become that desperate. I don’t see a team becoming that desperate by the end of the offseason.

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