The Dak Prescott Dilemma

The Dak Prescott Dilemma

Let me preface this article by saying I love Dak Prescott as a person. He is everything you want in a franchise QB OFF the field. He is well spoken, no off the field troubles since entering the NFL, just a stand up guy. However, I’m not as in love with Dak on the field.

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to paying quarterbacks. The first being; if you believe you have a franchise quarterback, you pay him, since a good starting quarterback is hard to find. The other, which is my belief, is that if the guy you have can’t elevate the roster around him and win tough games, you might want to be hesitant of rewarding him with a long term deal. The Ravens were quick to pay Joe Flacco back in 2013 after an incredible playoff run that ended in a Super Bowl victory over the 49ers. After that, they were unable to surround Flacco with good talent and the Ravens fell into a vicious cycle of mediocrity.

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With that being said, I believe Dak is a better quarterback than Flacco ever was. Since entering the league four years ago, Dak has posted really solid numbers. For his career so far, he has 15,778 passing yards, 97 touchdowns to 36 interceptions, with a passer rating of passer rating of 97.0. Good, right? Respectable numbers for sure, but are those 37 million dollars a year numbers? Absolutely not! In only two years of work Patrick Mahomes has posted a ridiculous stat line of 9,128 passing yards, 76 touchdowns to 17 interceptions with a passer rating of 109. In that time he has also won the MVP award, is a Super Bowl champion and a Super Bowl MVP. That is a guy you hand a blank check to. He has accomplished this with far less talent around him than Dak.

I think the Cowboys made the right move franchise tagging Dak this offseason. However, news broke early today that they have re-entered negotiations with Dak, and are looking at giving him a long term deal, making him the highest paid quarterback in the league. The Cowboys will then have the highest paid quarterback, running back, and the second highest paid wide receiver in the league, tying up a majority of their cap room. You know what this means? They’re going to have to nail their draft picks the next few years to provide cheap role players, because they won’t be able to afford any decent veteran players. And their recent draft history suggest that will not happen. Dak will not succeed this way, if either Zeke or Amari go down with an injury and a practice squad guy has to fill in, Dak will not be able to win with him. Give Dak the JV team Carson Wentz had last year and see if he makes it to the playoffs.

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I’ve ragged on Dak in this article, so I want to stress that I don’t think Dak is a bad quarterback. Will he win you some games? Yes. Will be a great ambassador for your franchise? Yes. Can he win you a Super Bowl? If everything goes right, yes. This is the NFL, something is going to go wrong, and can you justify paying a guy 37 million if he can’t overcome problems? I can’t and that’s why I don’t believe Dak should be the highest paid quarterback in the league.

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