The Catcher With One Arm

The Catcher With One Arm

Every season, baseball just seems to produce those “feel-good” stories of young athletes doing remarkable things. Well, this season is no different as we travel to Tennessee to hear about high school Catcher Luke Terry. This young man plays his position a little different, however. You see, Terry only has one arm. 

Luke Terry contracted E. Coli at just 19-months old, which ultimately led to him becoming an amputee, while still only being an infant. “They put the PICC line in his arm,” Dana Terry, Luke’s mother told The Tennessean. “And the bacteria went to his arm, where the PICC line was. It just started eating his arm away.” The fourteen-year-old also flat-lined 3 times while undergoing the operation, but luckily made it through.

Being an amputee has not stopped Terry from his passion of playing baseball, where he proves that having one arm is merely a bump in the road. Not only is he a good catcher, but he also produces at the plate, which has gained him a lot of respect from opposing teams. His coach tells people he is not on the team because he has one arm, but because he can play, and can play well.

His team, coaches, and community have supported him with kind words and encouragement, and while many see him as an inspiration, Terry said he doesn’t really think about it, he simply wants to play ball.


Picture Credit: Tennessean.Com

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