The Bundesliga to Return in Mid-May

The Bundesliga to Return in Mid-May

It might feel a tad premature on its surface, but the Bundesliga will be returning later this month after the German government gave the league the go-ahead. The massive football league has been shutdown, as all other leagues have, for the past month and a half due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said that games moving forward will not feature any fans or other spectators, and that the clubs will continue to test players, coaches, and other staff for the foreseeable future. This effort between state and league has been ongoing since the league ceased operations in March.

Of course many who were a part of this surprising decision are ready for the potential controversy. Minister President of Bavaria, Markus Soder, noted as such on Wednesday.

“I know that those responsible in the clubs will do everything possible to comply with the regulations. But the players must also adhere to it.”

Since the start of the outbreak around the New Year, over 165 thousand people in Germany have been infected with COVID-19, and around 6 thousand have died. According to the Washington Post, 10 players in the German first division alone have had it including 3 players at FC Köln. Conversely, some German clubs have already run some controversial training sessions, albeit in small groups.

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The one easy positive takeaway from this news is that the Bundesliga is one of the easiest leagues to find and watch in the United States. They currently run a few games every week on the FOX Sports channel family. This means that we’ll finally have some new games to watch and enjoy for the next few months.

With all that being said, and for a quick refresher, down below I’ve placed the current league table. These last 11 games are sure to be extra exciting because there are 6 teams currently racing for the league title. Bayern Munich is leading the way right now, but don’t be surprised if any of the teams from Dortmund to Schalke make some noise and sprint up the table.

Even if that doesn’t happen, we’re getting some more football, and maybe that’s enough for now.

2019-20 Bundesliga Table (As of May 6, 2020)

  1. Bayern Munich – 55 points
  2. Borussia Dortmund – 51 points
  3. RB Leipzig – 50 points
  4. Borussia Mönchengladbach – 49 points
  5. Bayer Leverkusen – 47 points
  6. FC Schalke – 37 points
  7. VfL Wolfsburg – 36 points
  8. SC Freiburg – 36 points
  9. Hoffenheim – 35 points
  10. FC Köln – 32 points
  11. Union Berlin – 30 points
  12. Eintracht Frankfurt – 28 points
  13. Hertha Berlin – 28 points
  14. FC Augsburg – 27 points
  15. FSV Mainz – 26 points
  16. Fortuna Düsseldorf – 22 points
  17. Werder Bremen – 18 points
  18. SC Paderborn – 16 points

1st-4th – Champions League

5th-6th – Europa League

16th – Promotion/Relegation Playoff with 3rd place team in 2nd Division

17th-18th – Immiediate Relegation to 2nd Division

This announcement follows recent news that both the Eredivisie in Holland and Ligue One in France will not complete their seasons, and in the Eredivisie’s case, current league leaders Ajax will not be crowned champions.

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