The BIG3 is Back with a Vengeance

The BIG3 is Back with a Vengeance

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Make all the jokes you want, but this new season of Ice Cube’s BIG3 League is going to be exciting. If you haven’t heard yet, the league has made some major new signees that have entered as free agents. Many have stated that the BIG3 didn’t include as many stars as expected but free agency has exploded this year. Former stars like Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith, Al Jefferson (my early prediction for MVP this year), and even Joe Johnson (someone who should still be on an NBA team right now) have officially joined.

There is also some exciting role players that have entered the draft pool such as Jason Terry, Mario Chalmers, the always angry Kendrick Perkins, the athletic Shannon Brown, the bust that was Eddy Curry, the decent backup that was C.J. Watson, and a man that can absolutely dominate if he stays healthy, Greg Oden.

It’s also pretty remarkable that Lamar Odom has joined as well, considering the outrageousness that has occured in his life since his career ended.

Regardless, this year will be exciting because not only does the BIG3 have even more stardom to help further the league’s popularity but you have to imagine how intense the competition will be as for some, depending on how they look and play, could have one last shot at an NBA contract. Because let’s be honest, a lot of these players should still be on the bench of an average NBA team at the very least.

I’m looking at “Iso Joe” and Chalmers in particular when I make this comment because come on…how have they not been picked up?

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