Super Bowl XXVII Was The Worst Superbowl Of All-time, A Look Back.

Super Bowl XXVII Was The Worst Superbowl Of All-time, A Look Back.

The year was 1993, The Bills playing in their third straight Superbowl after losing two consecutive attempts at snagging a Vince Lombardi trophy. Their opponents? The Dallas Cowboys. Both teams were stacked with talent up and down the lineup. The Cowboys had exactly 4 current Hall of Famers and multiple All Pro players, while Buffalo had 6 Hall of Famers. So why exactly would such a dream match up suck? Let’s take a look back at the worst Superbowl ever played.

To start I’ll hurt the Bills fans feelings a bit, in fact if you are a Bills fan you probably won’t enjoy hearing this very much and I’m sorry for what’s about to be said… Nine turnovers for the Bills, NINE! It also doesn’t helped that Dallas absolutely destroyed and embarrassed Buffalo. In the last 30 years I can’t think of a worse sports heartbreak, this was the 3rd time in a row they’d play and not only did they get stomped that year, they played a fourth in a row and lost that one too. The Bills would go in at half losing 28-10, while still manageable at that point they didn’t do anything to stop the stampede. The final score was 52-17 for the Cowboys, but I assumed most people turned the game off long before that, especially Bills fans.

For Dallas it was their uprising and what would be their first of two Superbowls, coming within 3 years of each other, much to the despise of Steelers fans as they would finally get the better of Pittsburgh with the Steelers winning the last 2 Superbowls they met in back in the 70s. Sweet Justice for Cowboys fans everywhere as they finally got the last word in against a strange but fierce rival.

To give this game a final Grade I will say D-, the only reason I won’t give it a complete F is because the Cowboys deserve to pass this group project.

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