Stephanie McMahon set to appear on Raw

Stephanie McMahon set to appear on Raw

WWE announced via Twitter today that Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon will appear on Monday Night Raw to make a “historic announcement”.

Here is the official announcement:

Stephanie Announcment .jpg

While there have been no hints from WWE as to what this announcement could be, there are three theories currently on the table:

1) Women’s only Pay-Per-View:


A women’s only PPV has been speculated for some time now, but the reports of a future event soared after the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble event back in April. Due to strict Saudi Arabian law, none of the female superstars were allowed to compete, and thus none got the pay for the event. With that, many felt that the best way for WWE to make it up to the Women’s divisions is to have a women’s only special. While that may have been difficult to sell before, with the addition of Ronda Rousey, it’s completely possible.


2) Women’s Tag Team Championships:


With that said, the announcement could also be about the much-anticipated Women’s Tag Team Championships. Since the women’s division have zero mid-card titles, many of the women find themselves directionless. But having tag titles could change that by giving talent some time to shine rather than being placeholders. It would make sense to do it on Raw to start, as it would tie into the Banks/Bayley saga. Forced to work together to make history.


3) SummerSlam and the Universal Title:


The most boring, but safest choice of all would be for Stephanie to make an announcement regarding SummerSlam and the Universal Title picture. Whether that’s setting a match or not would remain to be seen. If the announcement is regarding the big red belt, our guess is that it’ll be McMahon making a triple threat match: Lashley, Reigns, and Lesnar.

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