Stanton Smashes Another Record

Stanton Smashes Another Record

Giancarlo Stanton has broken an MLB record, and no, it isn’t for the furthest hit ball (surprisingly). He is the first player in MLB history to hit at least 20 home runs in their first nine seasons, after hitting number 20 on July 3rd in an 8-5 victory over the Atlanta Braves in New York. Hitting another one on the 4th of July brings his career HR total to 288.

Let’s not forget the fact that in 2015, Stanton had a broken hand that kept him out most of the season. He played in only 74 games that year and still hit 27 home runs. In 2016 he had that groin injury that kept him out for the last couple months of the season, yet had another 27 home runs that year as well.

Giancarlo Stanton - J Pat Carter

The $300 million man had a rough start to this season, but has been on a pretty good run over the last couple weeks, currently sporting a 6-game on-base streak. Yankee fans can rejoice knowing that Stanton has finally arrived in the Bronx, and he isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

Starting the year with a batting average of .218 in April, including only three home runs, Stanton was booed by Yankees fans on multiple occasions. The frustrated fan base reacted accordingly to Stanton striking out 26 times in the Yankees first 13 games, including two 5 strikeout games.

Let’s chalk up the month of April to getting used to a new system. Stanton, who was traded in December from the Marlins, could have just been getting used to a completely new way of life for him. That month of April is long gone now, and since then he has carried a .298/.345/.605 with 36 RBIs and 16 home runs. At the last All-Star update though, Stanton was trailing the Red Sox’s J.D. Martinez by about 250,000 votes for the DH spot this year ( Obviously, that doesn’t mean he won’t make the team, but we will find out soon enough when the All-Star team rosters are released on July 11th in his former home of Miami.

With Stanton finally heating up at the halfway mark of the season, the Yankees find themselves only one game back of the Boston Red Sox for 1st place in the AL East. Can we see a match of Stanton’s last year home run total of 59? Gomez’ Guess is that he ends the season with 47. How many HR’s do you think Stanton will get this year? Let us know in the comments below!



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Photo Credit: J Pat Carter

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