Spring Training is Here!

Spring Training is Here!

With excitement and anticipation, MLB Spring Training and all that comes with it is finally here. Teams from all over the country will travel down to beautiful weather in either the sunshine state of Florida or the desert state of Arizona. Unlike every other sport, baseball has the feeling of a true clean slate every year. Despite what happened to teams last season or even the off season, people will forget quickly once the smell of oranges and hot dogs permeates through a spring training stadium. Families will take vacations and follow their favorite ball club to scout new players and enjoy sunny weather. This is why spring training truly is great.

One of the great things about baseball is that it’s a summer sport. And generally, the majority of people are happiest during the summer. This being said, having baseball start its calendar year off in beautiful weather and not mud season is truly a great first impression for fans. 

In the movie “Fever Pitch”, starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, there is an excellent scene where Drew Barrymore’s character is questioning why Jimmy’s is going to Florida during Spring Break at his age:

Jimmy Fallon- “Spring training with the Red Sox.”

Drew Barrymore- “Oh, you get to train with the Red Sox? Are you allowed to do that?”

Jimmy Fallon- “Well, we don’t actually – we watch the games.”

Drew Barrymore- “Aren’t those just practice games?”

Jimmy Fallon- “Yeah, yeah, but there’s more to it than that. We scout the players. We see which players they should keep… which they should get rid of….”

Drew Barrymore- “And the Red Sox ask your opinion?”

Jimmy Fallon- “Well, not yet.”


Although a corny film, this scene perfectly exemplifies the spirit of spring training. The small-feel atmosphere makes it feel like you are apart of the team and the culture. 

This year many teams have very high hopes of winning and others anticipate growth. The 2020 season is poised to be a good one. There is a huge amount of star power being headlined by Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Christian Yelich, and Cody Bellinger. Then the up-and-coming generation is as strong as ever with players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Rafael Devers, and Gleybar Torres. This season also will not be short of storylines:

Can the Nationals contend after their Cinderella season?

Will the Yankees morph back into the evil empire?

How will the Dodgers team play together?

The off-season has been distasteful to say the least. Full of firings and cheating scandals, controversy and confusion. However like stated previously, Baseball has an amazing way of forgetting once February and March come around. Brace yourselves folks and erase the chalk marks, because baseball season is finally upon us!

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