Sneak Peak: Monday Night Raw Tonight

Sneak Peak: Monday Night Raw Tonight

There are a lot of eyes on WWE this week. Both SmackDown Live and tonight’s addition of Money Night Raw have serious momentum coming off of last week’s previous episodes, which proved to be better than average. What could someone look forward to tonight? Lets look at a sneak peak of tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw!

1) I.C. title picture and match

Seth and Dolph

Dolph Ziggler shocked the world last week when he defeated reigning champion Seth Rollins, to win the Intercontinental Championship. The bout proved to be phenomenal, but given the talent in the ring, who would be surprised?

Rollins will have his contractual rematch tonight, and will be looking to get back the title that he’s made ‘THE” title on Monday Night Raw.

While the victory came off of a distraction from Drew McIntyre, this was a massive win for Dolph Ziggler, who is only recently gaining momentum back after almost a full year of directionless booking. The duo of Ziggler and McIntyre has a striking resemblance to the Diesel and Shawn Michaels stable of the mid 90’s, does this mean McIntyre is ramping up for a Universal Title feud in the future? We will have to wait and see.

2) Bayley and Sasha’s road to a feud – Day 1,654,067


Ok, we may have over exaggerated there; but there is no question that the slow burn and build of the eventual full on feud between these two has gone on longer than a Bartolo Colon has been a pitcher in the MLB.

However, the prayers of many fans may finally be answered, as last week seemed to show a firm ending to the Bayley and Sasha friendship, when things got physical after a loss in tag team action.

What will happen tonight? Most likely one of the two will deliver a promo regarding the situation, causing another “brawl” between the two. Most likely a match is made for Extreme Rules…most likely NOT a Extreme Rules match. That would make WAY too much sense…

3) Women’s Championship


With Ronda Rousey serving a “30 day Suspension” and with Nia Jax already scheduled as her next opponent, this isn’t much for Alexa Bliss to do. There will most likely be a match and a promo, but otherwise, the Women’s title will most likely be in the “blah” portion of Raw, espcially after last weeks great segment with Rousey.

Jax is reportedly in deep waters with management, as her and Bliss seem to have some real life heat with one another.

4) Tag Team Title Turmoil


While the feud between the B-Team and The Deleters of worlds has been entertaining with the backstage antics of both teams, it is time for WWE to real get the wheels rolling on this feud.

While WWE has shown little to no interest in properly booking the Tag Team Division on Raw as of late, WWE might have finally found some life for the division with this feud.

How? If Wyatt and Hardy are booked as monster heels while Axle and Dallas are booked as lovable-underdog baby faces, the atmosphere could prove to be electric when they have their eventual title match. Axle and Dallas are both high quality in-ring performers who simply have not had time to shine. Hardy and Wyatt’s styles are not made for babyfaces, and a genuine heel turn will give them a much needed edge.

Regardless of our pipe-dream, look for WWE to put things in motion to build for Extreme Rules. And possibly naming a stipulation for the match.

5) Universal Title Picture


Last week, Raw GM Kurt Angle made an announcement – there would be a multiperson match at Extreme Rules to decide who will be the next challenger for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title.

Roman Regins and Bobby Lashley have already been confirmed for the bout. At this time, we do not know how many men will be involved in the match or what the match stipulation will be. However, many feel this is match will be nothing more than a platform for Regins to once again get another title shot at Lesnar. With that said, there are plenty of other competitors who can rise to the challenge.

Look for new names to be added to the match, and possibly some clarification as to what the stipulation will be.

Also, look for Angle to respond to Paul Heyman. On social media over the weekend, Paul Heyman made a lengthy post via Facebook, where he went after WWE, Raw’s GM, Roman Regins, Bobby Lashley, and others in a worked-shoot style written promo. The Advocate-in-Chief made the point that Brock Lesnar will only do what Brock Lesnar wants; thus Lesnar will not accept any challenge unless he feels the match will be a “box office attraction”.

WWE has also made a point to state via social media that “contract negotiations” between Lesnar and WWE have “stalled”. This, along with Heyman’s rant, are clear signs that WWE is planting the seeds of Lesnar’s leaving after he looses his Universal title. WWE has done this story before with Lesnar, however, whether or not Lesnar returns after his next UFC fight is still unknown.

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