SmackDown Live Results 5/1

SmackDown Live Results 5/1

With The Greatest Royal Rumble in the rear view mirror and Backlash coming to us live this Sunday in New Jeresy, the brands are firming up their matches for the co-branded pay-per-view. With that said, let’s get right into SmackDown’s Backlash take-home show.

Miz TV


Is it any shock that the Miz is consistently in contention for being the most entertaining superstar every week, regardless of the brand? We didn’t think so either. After running down Seth Rollins ahead of their match at Backlash, this addition of Miz TV focused on the US Championship title scene. The Miz was attempting to cause more of a rift between champ Jeff Hardy and former champ Randy Orton. After brining him out as his guest, he would first claim that there was no added beef between them. However, it became very clear that both have one goal in mind…The US Title.

This segment would lead to a Tag Match with Hardy and Orton taking on The Miz and Shelton Benjamin.

Tag Match – Hardy and Orton v Benjamin and The Miz


The match was a very solid performance with a hot crowd. Benjamin and The Miz worked well together, and the hot tags with Orton and Hardy played off great. The end saw Hardy win the match for his team with a Swanton Bomb onto Benjamin.

Immediately after the match, Orton planted Hardy with an RKO.

Big Cass and “Daniel Bryan” Segment.


We don’t want to go over this any more than we have too.

Big Cass came out and began bad mouthing Bryan. Byran’s music played and in his place a little person came out dressed as him. Beard, Hair, Trunks and all. Cass went on to make fun of “Daniel Bryan” with a plethora of short jokes. He would eventual give a big boot to the guy, and walk out.

AJ Styles/ Shinsuke Nakamura/ Samoa Joe segment.


Nakamura wanted an apology after AJ Styles went ballistic on him at the Greatest Royal Rumble. After being brought out by Rene Young, Styles would go on a rant about Nakamura, ultimately concluding that he will retain his championship at Backlash and also challenging to come out.

Samoa Joe would take the invitation to come out instead; saying that once he’s done with Regins at Backlash, he will be coming for the WWE Title.

Nakamura’s music then hit, and with AJ Styles distracted, hit yet another low blow.

Xaiver Woods v Sheamus



With their respective team mates in each other’s corners, Woods and Sheamus went back and forth in a fun match that saw each man play to their strengths. Woods is extremely underrated as a singles competitor and his performance proved that point even more. While Woods would win via roll up, the real story is the start of a rivalry with the New Day and The Bar. The New Day have started to feel a little stale with the lack of competition on Smackdown. There are only so many times they can reinvent the wheel with the Usos. However, with a hard hitting team like The Bar, a top quality, competitive team, fans can look forward to a fun rivalry ahead.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Asuka vs. Carmella, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce


With Charlotte and Carmella’s title match looming this Sunday, this match served as a straight forward heel champ squad vs face challenger squad match, and it would be a good one at that.

Everyone had their moment in the sun, as all tag matches should be, with the title match scene all set for Sunday.

Carmella’s entire reign is built on her “stealing” the title from under Charlotte’s nose. With the story as it should be told, Carmella would end up being the one retreating up the ramp, trying to evade the more dominant challenger.


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