Sisco Silences Crowd During Alvarez Collision

Sisco Silences Crowd During Alvarez Collision

During the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels game Tuesday night, the seventh inning brought a moment that took the air out of the stadium.

Ian Kinsler popped a ball into foul territory on the third base side, where Orioles catcher Chance Sisco and third basemen Pedro Alvarez both made a move for the ball.

The two failed to communicate, which led with Alvarez reaching out for the ball over the sliding Sisco. On the way to the catch, Sisco’s head made direct contact with the elbow of Alvarez, which resulted in the catcher appearing to be unconscious for several moments. Immediately following the collision, Mike Trout, who was in the on-deck circle, waved for the medical staff to get out to the motionless player.

The contact did not seem major, and Sisco would end his night after walking off on his own power to the ovation of a relieved crowd.

Caleb Joseph came in to finish the game, as the Angels went on to win 3-2.


Picture Credit: BaltimoreSun.Com

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