Should Las Vegas Keep Rich Bisaccia?

Should Las Vegas Keep Rich Bisaccia?

After a 3-2 start to the regular season, the Las Vegas Raiders promoted Special Teams Coordinator Rich Bisaccia to interim Head Coach after Jon Gruden stepped down as the head coach. With everything that went down during the 2021 season, should Rich Bisaccia become the permanent Head Coach of The Las Vegas Raiders?

Since taking over for Jon Gruden, Bisaccia has made a massive impact on the Raiders. Under Bisaccia, the team went 7-5, finishing 10-7 on the season and making the playoffs. In the playoffs, the team lost to the Cincinnati Bengals 26-19.

Before becoming the Interim Head Coach, Bisaccia was the Special Team Coordinator for Las Vegas a job which he had held since 2018. Before Vegas, Bisaccia was the Special Teams Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Diego Chargers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

After the resignation of Jon Gruden, Bisaccia had to deal with more hurdles throughout the season with off-the-field issues involving Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette ending with the team cutting both of them.

With everything going on with the team, Rich Bisaccia kept everyone focused on football resulting in the team having a massive turnaround towards the end of the season with a 5 game winning streak and leading the team to a 35-32 win over the Los Angeles Chargers in week 18 and clinching a spot in the playoffs.

Despite being down 20-6 in the second quarter in the Wildcard Game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Bisaccia and company fought back and made it a 26-19 game. Even though the team made it a 6 point game and was driving down the field late in the 4th, a Derick Carr interception sealed the victory for Cincinnati.

With Bisaccia, this was not the first time the team had to come from behind this season. The team won 5 games this season with a field goal from Daniel Carlson in overtime or with no time left in the 4th with 3 coming in the final 4 weeks of the season.

Despite the success, Bisaccia had with the team, Las Vegas could be looking at a more experienced head coach like Brian Flores and Jim Harbaugh. Mark Davis is known for going for the big-name hires and it could happen this time around.

Typically Interim Head Coaches in the NFL don’t have much success and are just there to get through the season before the team hires a permanent Head Coach. Bisaccia changed that narrative with Vegas and had success with the team leading them to the playoffs and earning the respect of everyone in the locker room.

With everything the team has gone through this season and how they handled it, keeping Bisaccia and naming him the permanent Head Coach is the right move. The team played well under Bisaccia and it showed with wins. Las Vegas shouldn’t mess with what Bisaccia built in the last several months and hire someone else to be the Head Coach.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/AJ Mast

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