Should Ferrari Leave F1?

Should Ferrari Leave F1?

Rumours have been swirling around the F1 paddocks as of late that Formula 1 will be making the switch from petrol power to electrical power. Scuderia Ferrari, one of the most dominant forces on the track, recently threatened to quit and start their own petrol powered race series in protest. Here, we take a look at what the sport would be like with and without the famous Prancing Horse.


Ferrari has been competing in Formula 1 longer than any other team. This means they have experience. with experience comes expertise, and with expertise comes dominance.

Over the past decade, they have been one of the two most dominant forces in the sport, the other being Mercedes-AMG, thanks to the engine problems that have been plaguing McLaren. In my eye, the past few seasons have just been a slugfest between Ferrari and Mercedes. One year, Ferrari wins. The next, Mercedes wins, and so on.

Thanks to Ferrari fielding two massively talented drivers and having seemingly endless funds to build the most dominant machines on the track, they seem to be giving Mercedes a run for their money this season, with lead Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel taking first position back to back in the first two races this season.

Vettel on the podium in Bahrain

There are those that say that Formula 1 just isn’t interesting anymore thanks to the dominance of these two firms. What’s more, because of this massive grudge match, it’s easy to forget about the smaller teams, such as Torro Rosso, Force India, Williams and even Renault. I, for one, would love to see a yellow Renault make a podium finish, but with the silver and red giants of Mercedes and Ferrari trading blows, this seems unlikely.


Perhaps the largest argument for Ferrari staying in the Formula 1 game is purely nostalgia’s sake. Since Ferrari became competitive in the sport, they have long been the face of the sport itself, having won 16 constructors championships. Let’s not forget as well that they have raced with the largest names in the sport, such as Niki Lauda, John Surtees, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, and the most successful driver in history, Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher has won a record 9 world drivers championships with Ferrari.

There are certain motorsports that are immediately recognizable by the teams that take part in it. Rallying has the Mini Cooper and Subaru Impreza, NASCAR has Tony Stewart’s bright orange Chevrolet, and Formula 1 has the Ferrari. Names like Fangio and Schumacher are the largest and most successful names to race in the history of the sport, and both have been affiliated with Ferrari for the majority of their careers. To take Ferrari away from Formula 1 would be to strip the sport of its heritage.


Ferrari and Mercedes are already threatening to leave the sport and start their own rebel sports series. Formula 1 Chairman Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA are pushing to make all future Formula 1 cars electric, and Ferrari and Mercedes are ready to abandon the sport if it indeed goes full electric. The hybrid technology with KERS systems being integrated in all the cars has already made both the firms fiercely competitive both on and off the track, as the manufacturers have even begun applying this hybrid technology to their road cars; Mercedes with the Project: One, and Ferrari with the LaFerrari hypercar.

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