Seth Rollins Has Had a Horrible 2019

Seth Rollins Has Had a Horrible 2019

You know what I love? When you go on social media and see all your friends post the “new year, new me” posts in late December. I’m willing to bet we’ll see one of these from the Beast/King Slayer, Seth Rollins because 2019 has not been his year.

From an accolades standpoint, it was one of his best. He won the Royal Rumble in January but was put in a feud that seemed to never end involving his Shield buddies, Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin, and Drew McIntyre. In April, Rollins would defeat Brock at WrestleMania to win the Universal Championship. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there, so let’s look at some of Rollins’ worst 2019 moments.

Corbin/Lacey Feud

After a brief feud with AJ Styles, WWE did what WWE does best, beat something into the ground until it becomes old. Rollins was in a real-life relationship with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, and once WWE found out, they decided to build an entire angle around it.

Rollins’ title defense at Stomping Grounds against Corbin was set to have a special guest referee. Who would the referee be? Bobby Lashley? Maybe Brock Lesnar? Nope…it was Lacey Evans. Rollins defeated Corbin despite all of Evans’ attempts to screw him, and of course, Becky Lynch ran down and attacked Evans. Stomping Grounds was actually a pretty solid pay per view that many fans didn’t expect much out of. Every match was solid…except for Rollins’ match.


Next came Rollins’ match at Extreme Rules. This wasn’t all his fault, because this is just how he was booked, but it still impacted Rollins. Rollins was set to team up with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch to take on Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin. If Rollins and Lynch lost, Evans and Corbin would become Raw Women’s Champion and Universal Champion respectively. The match was horrible, and afterward, Mr. Money in the Bank Brock Lesnar cashed in and beat Rollins to become the new Universal Champion.

Twitter Feuds and AEW Remarks

After the Stomping Grounds pay per view, Rollins went on Twitter and started running his mouth. Rollins pretty much said that Stomping Grounds was the “best wrestling on the planet”, along with other remarks.

After seeing this, the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay simply tweeted back at Rollins, “I’m alive”. Rollins obviously didn’t take too kindly to this and responded by calling Ospreay “little guy”, and saying Ricochet was better than him.

The feud died down…for a couple of hours, when Ospreay pointed out that he had wrestled more matches in 2019 than Seth had. Following that tweet, Rollins made one of the worst mistakes you can make when arguing with someone…he brought up money.

Fans jumped down Rollins’ throat for this. Other wrestlers like Baron Corbin and Chris Jericho jumped in and gave their opinion, but it was pretty apparent that everybody else hated what Rollins did when he brought up bank accounts. Not to mention, Will Ospreay turned down WWE before, clearly showing that money isn’t the only factor he looks at.

Seth went on to apologize for the comments he made towards Will Ospreay, saying that he was “too stubborn for his own good” and “knew it was trash” right after he hit send.

Just a couple days after, Rollins was interviewed and discussed comments made by former Shield member Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) on his former company, WWE. Rollins essentially said that Moxley “took his ball and went home” and that it was “a little presumptuous of him to get on a podcast and talk down about the company that gave him such opportunities.”

Hell in a Cell

Everything calmed down for Seth Rollins. Then…Hell in a Cell happened. Bray Wyatt debuted his Fiend character back in April of 2019. Following a great match against Finn Balor at SummerSlam, Wyatt was set to face the Universal Champion Seth Rollins (or Braun Strowman) at the Hell in a Cell pay per view for the Universal Championship. The match was rough from the get-go, as it was completely drenched in red lighting.


The finish to the match was so ridiculous and so angering that many in the crowd and at home were completely turned off by it. After burying Wyatt under a ladder, chairs, tools, and a toolbox, Rollins smacked the tower of steel with a sledgehammer, causing the ref to ring the bell. Many people believed that this was a disqualification, which can’t happen in a Hell in a Cell match, but instead, WWE said that the match finished in a “no contest”.

Fans in the crowd booed so loud, chanting “AEW” and “bulls***, and “restart the match”. Rollins took the brunt of the blame, and people were against him 100%. Rollins eventually dropped the title to Wyatt at Crown Jewel, but many believe the damage has already been done.

More AEW and Dave Meltzer

Other instances of 2019 hating Seth Rollins is when Rollins referred to AEW as the “minor leagues”, when he was asked about a potential WrestleMania match against Kenny Omega. This drew the ire of Chris Jericho, who basically said NXT was the real minor leagues of the two companies. AEW commentator Jim Ross also chimed in, saying “maybe someday he’ll (Rollins) be as over as his girlfriend”.

Rollins also went at it with Uncle Dave Meltzer. After the entire Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia debacle, Meltzer said he heard that Seth Rollins spoke up in the Vince McMahon-led meeting on the Raw after Crown Jewel. Rollins read this, and of course, took to Twitter.

It should be noted that Meltzer would end up retracting his report, saying he was fed misinformation. 

All of this just screams that Rollins has had a horrible 2019, and should just look forward to 2020. Who knows, maybe he’ll follow the Finn Balor route and head back to NXT and just forget about Raw and Smackdown.

Or maybe he’ll just keep tweeting.

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