Semi Final Results to the PDC Darts World Championship

Semi Final Results to the PDC Darts World Championship

It’s time for the Semi Finals in the wild world of Darts, with only four men left standing. Yesterday had its great matches and shocking surprises, including the sweeping elimination of World #1 Michael van Gerwen. With each match being best of 11, it would take six sets to win, leaving a lot of darts to be played in both matches. We are just three matches away from crowning a new PDC World Champion, with the finals looming large tomorrow.

The first match would pit Gerwyn Price (3) against Stephen Bunting (26). Both men had the longest matches from yesterdays Quarter Finals, with Price narrowly winning while going the distance in an instant classic of a match. In their head-to-head matchups in major 2020 meetings, Price had taken the victory both times. The games started with Price getting the throw advantage. Bunting was able to beat the throw to take the leg. Price came right back with another break of the throw to keep things tied up. Price kept the pressure to start the third leg with a maximum 180, and rode it to a win of the third leg. Bunting would hold his throw advantage with a great finish to take the fourth leg. Price would shut down the set, taking the final leg getting the early lead.

Second set started with Bunting’s throw, yet Price broke the throw with an opening 180 for the leg. Then Price opened the second leg with another 180, riding the momentum to take that leg as well. Bunting held firm to hold onto the third leg to get back into the set, winning the third and fourth set and setting himself up with the throw on the fifth. Bunting held onto the throw to win the second set and tie up the match.

With the start of the third set, Price started strong and took the leg. The two men kept going back and forth, with Bunting able to hit 7/8 of his doubles to take the third leg. Bunting missed a 117 finish that Price took advantage of to take the fourth leg. A bounce back from Bunting for the fifth leg as he started with a 180 and took the set to take the lead.

Bunting kept the pressure on, perhaps sensing the momentum swing with a huge 180 to start the fourth set. Price answered back with a 180 of his own in the opening leg, but Bunting was still able to take the first leg. Price would sink a 131 to finish out the second leg, fighting for the fourth set. The third leg went to Bunting, setting up a lot of pressure on Price, who started the fourth leg weak. Bunting was able to take full advantage and took the leg and the set to lead 3 sets to one.

The fifth set started with Price barely able to hold the throw, as Bunting missed his final double with all three darts. Bunting was able to shake it off to take the second leg. The third leg, Bunting once again struggled to sink double 8, and Price was able to take advantage and take the third leg. In a set that saw some errors from Bunting, Price was resilient enough to find his points when needed and take the final leg to start a comeback from behind.

Price would break the throw to start the sixth set, trying to get back to an even match. Price still held on, winning his fourth consecutive leg to get an early lead in the set. Bunting refused to lie down, winning the exchange on the third leg and followed through with a 180 to start the fourth. Price managed to stay perfect 7/7 on double 10 to win the set and tie up the sets!

The seventh set Price held onto his throw and stayed perfect on the double 10’s for the first leg. Not yet satisfied, Price opened the second leg with a 180. Once again, Price hit double 10 once again for the leg, taking eight out of the last ten legs. Bunting was able to ride out the third leg to keep the set alive. The fourth leg he held his throw, tying the match up completely. Bunting changed the pacing as Price missed the double 5, allowing Bunting a chance to sink a finishing 118 to take the sixth set and the lead!

The eighth set started with bunting, who held onto his throw for the first leg. Price fired back to win the second leg and hit a 180 to start the third leg. With momentum seemingly on his side, Price was able to win the third leg. Price had the throw in the fourth leg and started hot with the 180 again. Bunting was able to throw on pressure, but Price left himself with a double 10 finish, and he stayed perfect on it to take the set and tie it up again.

The ninth set started with Price, who put away a 112 for the leg, which set the broke the record for most 100+ finishes in a PDC World Tournement. While Price missed double 10’s finally, he still was able to take the second leg, hoping to take the lead. He gave Bunting a high hill to climb by starting the third leg with two 180s. Price left himself another double 10 for a finish and sunk it to sweep the set and take the lead.

Bunting started the 10th set, but had a dart collision which put him behind in the leg. Bunting held on and was able to take the leg. Price suffered the same luck as one of his darts didn’t stick to the board. Bunting landed a 180 after the missed dart, but Price wasn’t shaken as he hit a response 180 of his own and snatched the leg with another 100+ finish. Price took the third leg on a clutch double 5, setting himself up with the throw on a crucial leg for him. Bunting kept the pressure on, but Price would take the leg and the win match. He helped set the record for most 100+ finishes in the World Finals as well as became the first Welshmen to reach the World finals.

Gerwyn Price wins the match 6-4

The remaining Semi Final with the remaining World Champion Gary Anderson (13) taking on Dave Chisnall (8). Dave is coming off a huge win against Michael van Gerwen in an unlikely sweep. Chisnall played incredible darts yesterday, and hopes to continue that in this Semi-Final. In 10 ranked matches head-to-head, Chisnall has never been able to defeat Anderson yet. Anderson started the match and held onto his throw. Both men struggled to finish in the second leg, but Chisnall held onto his throw to take the second leg. Anderson then came back strong to put away the third leg easily. Chisnall wasn’t backing down in the first set and picked up leg four to tie it once again. Anderson kept his composure, though, and was able to hold his throw to take the first set.

Chisnall started the first leg, and pulled a fantasic finish at 170 points to hold his throw and take the first leg. Once again, both men struggled to close out the seconf leg, but Chisnall took the leg. Anderson responded to start the first with a 180. Chisnall struggled to finish the third leg, allowing Anderson to take the leg, and have the throw on the fourth leg. Chisnall once again was not able to finish, allowing Anderson to win the fourth leg for a fighting chance at the set. A 180 from Chrisnall allowed him a comfortable lead to finish, and was able to take the leg and set, tying up the match.

Anderson started set three and started hot with 180. Chisnall responded with a 180 of his own, but Anderson struck back with a second 180 in the set and took the leg. In the second leg, the two once again exchanged 180s, but it was Chisnall with the leg on a bullseye finish of 117. Anderson had a roundabout way of finishing, but he took the third leg nonetheless. Despite a strong Start from Anderson with back-to-back 140s, Chisnall held onto his throw to take the leg and force the fifth leg. Despite the fight from Chisnall, Anderson closed out the leg to take the set.

Chisnall started set four poorly, allowing Anderson to break the throw and take the first leg. Anderson was able to hold onto his throw, taking leg two for an early lead. Chisnall almost lost the leg, but took advantage of Andersons miss to take the leg and keep the set alive. Chisnall was chasing in the fourth leg, but Anderson was able to hold out and take the leg, widening his lead as he won the set.

With a two set lead, Anderson wasn’t able to hold his throw against a Chisnall 180, dropping the first leg. Anderson then broke the throw and another Chisnall 180 to pick up the second leg. No one was holding their throws, as Chisnall managed to take the third leg. The two exchanged 180s in the fourth leg and missed tops on the fourth leg. It was Chisnall that was able to walk away with the leg and the set, closing the gap.

Set six Chisnall worked well to hold onto his throw and win the first leg. Anderson responded with a well thrown leg to take the second, as Chisnall waivered a bit. Chisnall had a dart bounce, allowing Anderson a chance to run away with two legs in a row. Anderson was not able to capitalize and Chisnall took the third leg. Anderson would hit the double 20 to put away the fourth leg and force the fifth. Chrisnall couldn’t hold the throw and Anderson took the leg, advancing ahead by two sets again.

The seventh set felt make or break for Chisnall, and he came out swinging to break Anderson’s throw with an opening 180. Anderson wasn’t playing around, responding with a 180 of his own. It wasn’t enough to fight it off though, as Chisnall took the first leg. Chisnall fought of Anderson’s 180 in the second leg to take early lead. But Anderson held onto his throw to take the third leg, to keep alive in the set. Anderson missed a double 6 finish, and Chisnall would not miss to take the leg and the set.

Chisnall started to eighth set with very little wiggle room. Anderson broke the throw and took the first leg, laying heavy pressure on Chisnall. Despite some good throwing from Chisnall, Anderson got the second leg as well, capitalizing on a failed finish by Chisnall. Both men failed to close out the third leg twice, but it was Anderson that kept his head and took the leg, sweeping the eighth set.

Now, Chisnall had no room for error. He would have to take the remaining sets to win, with Anderson getting the throw advantage. Despite a 180, Chisnall couldn’t get himself set up for a finish, allowing Anderson to take the first leg. Chisnall refused to go away quietly, hitting 180 to start the second leg. Despite a great lead, Chisnall missed a double 20 finish, allowing Anderson to take the second leg, with the throw advantage on the third leg. Anderson could throw relaxed, starting with a 180. Anderson missed the match dart, but Chisnall couldn’t hit the finish, allowing Anderson to finish the match with a double six, sweeping the final set.

Gary Anderson wins 6-3.

The Finals of the PDC World Championship are now set up. A two-time PDC World Champion taking on a man who is entered into the finals for the first time. Gary Anderson and Gerwyn Price are set as the final two men, with just one more match to go. The PDC World Championship comes to it’s climatic close!

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