Second Round Set to Begin Thursday

Second Round Set to Begin Thursday

With Game 7 of the Boston Toronto series being played tonight, the NHL has announced the schedule for the Second Round Openers.

The Second Round will begin tomorrow night with two games.

First at 7:00 PM ET the Washington Capitals will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins in Washington, then at 10:00 PM ET San Jose takes on the Vegas Golden Knights in Vegas.

Following that, on Friday Nashville and Winnipeg will begin their highly anticipated series in Nashville at 8:00 PM ET.

The remaining Second Round series is still to be determined and will depend on whether or not Boston or Toronto wins tonight.

If Boston wins, Game 1 in Tampa Bay will be played Saturday at 3:00 PM ET, if Toronto wins, Game 1 in Tampa Bay will be played Saturday night at 8:00 PM ET allowing for a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

With several appearing even and divisional match ups, many hockey fans are hoping for an extremely exciting Second Round.

Sharks vs Knights

San Jose and Vegas are facing off as both teams are coming off an extended rest due to sweeping their opponents in the First Round.

preds jets second round

Nashville and Winnipeg are the top two seeds in the entire NHL and are meeting in the Second Round due to the playoff format being changed a few seasons ago.

Washington is yet again going to attempt to beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs, most likely resulting in another Second Round elimination for Ovechkin, as the Penguins look to keep their three-peat hopes alive.

tampa bay

Lastly, Tampa Bay has its eyes on a Stanley Cup this year, however neither Boston nor Toronto is going to be an easy opponent.

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