Second Round NBA Playoff Predictions

Second Round NBA Playoff Predictions

The first round of the NBA playoffs have come and gone and oooh what a round it was. Who would have thought the Pacers would have pushed the Cavs to game 7? Who would have thought (other than me in my first round prediction haha)  that the Pelicans would DOMINATE the Trail Blazers, or that the Thunder would look that uninspired in their elimination game! My point is that these are a crazy playoffs where literally anything can happen. So here are my predictions for round two!

Eastern Conference 

#1 Toronto vs #4 Cleveland

This is a tough one. On one hand I never want to bet against Playoff Lebron. On the other hand, no one on his whole team cracked 20 points that whole Pacers series.  Oppositely, the Raptors handled John Wall and the Wizards. DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowrey both had an excellent first round and they’re gonna need to duplicate that and then some to get past the Cavs.

Prediction: Raptors in 6

#2 Boston vs #3 Philadelphia

Now this is the series I’ve been waiting for since Philly went on their late season tear. Everything in my body wants me to say that with no Hayward no Kyrie and no Brown; the Celtics are screwed but… I say HEEEEELLLL No! Have you been watching this team at all this season?? This is the kind of stuff they thrive on, he more adversity the better. Forget Simmons. Forget Embiid. Forget Fultz. Forget Philly! Give me Tatum! Give me Terry! Give me Al! Give me Marcus! Give me the god damn Celtics!

Prediction: Celtics in 6!

Western Conference

#1 Houston vs #5 Utah

So James Harden continues to be James Harden. Chris Paul continues to be Chris Paul. I honestly dont see much to this series I just want to watch a few good games. That game 1 was a joke. The Jazz can not come out of the gate that flat. They were down 64-39 at halftime. Unfortunately, I dont see it getting much better for the Jazz; James Harden seems like a man on a mission.

Prediction: Rockets in 5

#2 Golden State vs #6 New Orleans

Golden State proves time and time again why they are the perineal favorite to come out of the West; with or without Curry. If I’m being honest about it, I just hope there’s a good game or two here, because its not going to be a long series.

Prediction: Warriors in 5

All in all it should be a great round of basketball, at least in the East. Check back with us for more updates!

Image Source: NBA.Com

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