Seb All Smiles After Historic Win In Montreal

Seb All Smiles After Historic Win In Montreal

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari had an outstanding race this weekend, leading from start to finish. This was the first win for Ferrari in Montreal since 2004, and Vettel’s 50th career win. Other milestones in the race were celebrated in heartbreaking catastrophe.

Fernando Alonso celebrated his 300th career start by retiring from the race due to unknown mechanical issues. This is the second consecutive race where Alonso has been forced to retire due to mechanical issues; following a gearbox failure in Monaco.

While Alonso certainly has the talent to be a competitive force on the track, McLaren can’t seem to get their act together and provide him with a car that can stay in one piece.

Lance Stroll of Williams also faced defeat today, after oversteer on lap 1 sent him careening into Brendon Hartley of Torro Rosso (who also had his race ended by someone else’s hand in Monaco. I’m sensing a theme here). This is especially heartbreaking for Stroll as he was racing for the first time ever on home turf, sporting a special helmet with a Canadian maple leaf emblazoned across the top.

Max Verstappen of Red Bull seems to have finally got his act together, Qualifying and indeed finishing in 3rd place, his second podium finish this season. Verstappen’s teammate Daniel Ricciardo placed 4th in the race, after an intense 5 lap battle with Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas finished second, and has claimed 3rd in the points standings from Ricciardo.

The real star of the show however was Sebastian Vettel, who set a crushing pace early on and, thanks to strategic pit manoeuvres, was able to hold on to first place for the whole race.

His victory in Montreal has stolen the points lead from Lewis Hamilton and placed him at number 1, albeit only by one point.

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