Scott Brosius’ Son Says Mike Trout is Taking HGH

Scott Brosius’ Son Says Mike Trout is Taking HGH

With allegations flying around the baseball world amid the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, an account appearing to be the son of former Mariners third base coach Scott Brosius, David Brosius has thrown out some more wild allegations.

While posting on Instagram, David made some pretty serious allegations when it comes to MLB, saying they knew the Houston Astros were cheating, along with every other team in the league.

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David says MLB “just wasn’t going to do anything about it until the public found out”. After that post, Brosius slung another allegation, this time at Mike Trout.

In the comment below, Brosius said that Mike Trout, star outfielder for the Los Angeles Angels “takes HGH for a ‘thyroid’ condition”. Brosius goes on to say that MLB doesn’t want to make it public because “they don’t want fans knowing their best player is on HGH”.

We must note, Mike Trout has never failed a drug test and had never really been linked to any HGH use. Nobody knows if this is really true, but considering everything else going on in the MLB, it’s definitely something the league doesn’t need.

UPDATE: David Brosius has since posted another picture on Instagram, explaining exactly what he meant by his comments.

David Brosius Instagram

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