Scarlett Bordeaux Released from IMPACT Wrestling

Scarlett Bordeaux Released from IMPACT Wrestling

Some of IMPACT’s biggest stars are leaving left and right as of late. Eli Drake just left and now Scarlett Bordeaux, someone who has been pushed as one of the top stars of the promotion since she’s been there, was finally granted her release. After Killer Kross, her real-life boyfriend and main event star of IMPACT, revealed the payment issues and handling of its stars (even admitting that Bordeaux has been working a 9-5 job in real life because of the lack of money she was getting from the promotion), it seemed like it was only a matter of time that she was able to leave.

Kross, who has already tried to leave IMPACT, will more than likely be next. With these three stars gone, IMPACT is at a huge loss. These issues with funding is a real eye opener for the struggling company that looked like it was on the upswing for the last year or so. If these issues prevail, there could be a mass exodus of stars from the promotion, which is the last thing they need as they fight for a new television deal.

Regardless, Scarlett Bordeaux joins Eli Drake as one of the hottest free agent talents on the market and would be a huge addition to any roster she joins. Don’t be too surprised if Bordeaux pops up in AEW soon. Kross was spotted in the crowd at Double or Nothing, so it must be on the wrestling couple’s radar. There’s also the fact that WWE would severely tone down the sexualized character that she portrays so effortlessly. It would fit AEW’s TV-14 rating rather than the PG show that WWE is now.

No matter where she goes however, expect her to succeed. She keeps kayfabe alive and really believes in her character. She may have room to improve as a wrestler but that will come with time considering how young she is (28). Scarlett has the “It” factor and the wrestling industry will notice this sooner rather than later.

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