Samoa Joe Needs a Win

Samoa Joe Needs a Win

Samoa Joe has been stuck in the upper midcard since his debut on the main roster and that isn’t a bad thing. He’s even had multiple main event and world title matches, putting on great matches every single time. However, his booking still manages to be terrible. WWE builds Joe as a sick and sadistic monster that can’t be stopped, but then gets whipped in every major match he has. It would be okay if it happened here and there, but it’s incredible how often Joe wins a meaningless match on a Smackdown and then loses on a pay-per-view despite all the momentum he gained by building the feud.

Even as United States Champion, a role I thought he would carry for most of the year, he lost to Rey Mysterio on a rollup that was so poorly executed, it didn’t even make sense how the referee screwed it up. He then just gets the title back by Mysterio, which has never happened in the history of the WWE, and he then subsequently loses it to Ricochet.

When Joe attacked Kofi Kingston, starting his program for the WWE title once again, fans were left baffled. What has Joe done to deserve a world title shot within the world of kayfabe? All he’s done was talk a great game, attack before and after matches, and then lose when the match became important. If Joe wasn’t such a great talker, he’d be a jobber right now or at the very least get a Baron Corbin-esque response from the crowd. The only reason Joe has been able to survive this long is because of his talent, plain and simple.

The thing is, he can only do this for so long. He needs a win so the audience can take him seriously. Even in the losses he has taken, they have all been definite. He has not been protected like Braun Strowman has in a loss. When Joe loses, he loses clean. Monsters should not lose clean.

Right now, it’s painfully obvious that Kofi Kingston is going to retain the WWE title against Joe and it just isn’t fair. Joe beats Kofi and half of the roster in every attribute of being a wrestler, but for some reason he continues to lose. If WWE wants to continue to sell tickets with Joe in a title match, then they have to give him a big, clean win. One of these days they’ll have to finally pull the trigger on a world title run too. Let’s just hope that it’ll come sooner rather than later before he loses all of his momentum for good.

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