Rondo Has 9 Assists In First Half Against Warriors

Rondo Has 9 Assists In First Half Against Warriors

The second round of the NBA playoffs started today with the New Orleans Pelicans facing against the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors are still without All Star point guard Steph Curry, but have plenty of firepower in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson who combined for 36 points in the first half. The Warriors enter halftime with a commanding lead 76-55 over the Pelicans.

Despite the double digit deficit, playoff Rondo has been in full effect. He recorded 9 assists in the first half alone, which is an impressive stat line at the end of a game, let alone at halftime.

This is nothing new, as Rondo recorded a career high 25 assists last season in a victory over the Nets. He is known as one of the best passers to ever play the game.

Rondo is averaging over 13 assists per game this postseason along with just over 11 points, helping lead his team in a sweep over the Portland Trailblazers in the first round.

On the other end, Draymond Green has 8 first half assists and has played astounding defense to help the Warriors build their huge first half lead.

The second half of the game will be broadcast on TNT, where we await a potential comeback from Anthony Davis and co. who had a somewhat quiet first half with 12 points.

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