Ronaldo Handed Prison Sentence

Ronaldo Handed Prison Sentence

Even after having left Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is still haunted by Spain’s strict laws on tax evasion. After a long tug of war with the Iberian court system on this topic, Cristiano has at last decided to accept the consequences that may come his way with the accusations of tax evasion.

Last year, a figure of €14.7-million was rumored to have been voluntarily evaded by the Portuguese, with mentions of prison time not being taken out of consideration.

Today, José Antonio Choclán, Ronaldo’s lawyer and representative at a court in Madrid, accepted the charges on behalf of the Juventus forward, this way officially putting behind any altercations with the Spanish court once and for all. However, the court will not only ask a hefty amount of money from the superstar, but will also hand him a two-year jail sentence which Ronaldo won’t have to serve since this is the first time for him to have been sentenced for criminal conduct.

Cristiano will have to appear in court on January 14th of 2019 to formally close the case, which will reportedly be sealed off with a €375,000 payment. Further reports have confirmed that the lawyer has unsuccessfully attempted to save a trip to Madrid for Ronaldo, but this request has not been accepted since Spanish law requires for all indicted individuals have to physically appear in front of a court of law.

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