ROH/NJPW SuperCard sells out MSG – What does this mean?

ROH/NJPW SuperCard sells out MSG – What does this mean?

For years, Vince McMahon has ensured that his promotion(s) have sole rights to Madison Square Garden when it came to Pro-Wrestling events. For years, no other wrestling promotion could ever dream of getting booked in the most famous arena in the world, let alone sell it out – that was until today.

As noted by multiple news outlets, the Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1: SuperCard show,  taking place the weekend that WWE’s WrestleMania returns to the New York area at MetLife Stadium, has completely sold out the Garden. Not only did it sell out, but it did so in less than 20 minutes.

While tickets will most likely become available on the secondary ticket market on websites like, direct sellers like TicketMaster are showing zero seats available.


So what does this all mean? While WWE is still the undisputed juggernaut when it comes to Pro-Wrestling in North America and most of the world, promotions like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling clearly do have a significant fanbase in the states. They have enough of a following that fans would rather go to watch an Indy-Wrestling show than what WWE would be showcasing the same night – most likely an NXT Takeover special.

This marks a significant moment in modern-day pro wrestling, as it shows that a vast majority of pro wrestling fans are constantly looking for new alternatives; starving for WWE to have some competition. NJPW and R.O.H have made a significant statement by selling out MSG – they have gone to where WWE/(F) became the household name that it is today. For decades the McMahon’s held MSG as their sacred ground. Figuratively speaking, NJPW and ROH walked right into WWE’s backyard and set up camp – and there is nothing WWE can do about it.


So should Vince McMahon go into panic mode? WWE hit the reset button, put a TV-MA rating and go back to the Attitude Era!? Yeah, in our dreams…

WWE is doing better business now than ever before, while TV ratings continue to sag and plateau, as financial earning documents clearly show,  WWE’s revenue has only gone up. This along with the fact that WWE is doing major deals with various countries – including Saudi Arabia – and signing billion-dollar television deals (that’s billion with a capital “B”) show that in no way is WWE on its way to being knocked off its throne as the undisputed champion of pro wrestling.

If anything, other promotions are starting follow in WWE’s footsteps, with NJPW announcing its new policy of no swearing or doing obscene gestures into the camera. WWE has proven that a PG environment is a lot more profitable than one that isn’t.


With that said, WWE will surely be keeping its eyes on NJPW and R.O.H, as this moment surely gives them the confidence to think that they can legitimately compete with WWE. While they still aren’t in the same league as WWE as far as profits go, any promotion is one solid TV deal away from being a significant threat. Will this show that either promotion deserves one?  We will have to wait and see.

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