Robert V. Bill: How They Ruined The Patriots Dynasty

Robert V. Bill: How They Ruined The Patriots Dynasty

The ongoing issues in the New England camp have been rather detrimental to the team as of late. From rumors are swirling around that Tom Brady wants to finally get paid. Bill Belichick is on his way out the door. Fans don’t want to admit it, but the end of near.

The issues started based around 40 year old franchise QB Tom Brady. Brady isn’t ready to retire just yet. Team Owner Robert Kraft didn’t want to trade Brady in order to get a return on him. Kraft wanted to keep him.

Belichick wanted to move forward this offseason with then backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo and start building the team around him. Bill was thinking about the long term future.

Brady in a different uniform would have been awkward for Patriots fans to see. Ultimately the fans would have gotten over it though. When they realized they could win another three, four, or even five Super Bowl’s.

At the very best the window for the Patriots stands at two more years. Jimmy would have provided another at least 10 year window. Just about the entire team has contracts through 2019.

Kraft has already started thinking about life without Belichick. He made sure offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels stayed put in New England. McDaniels would have taken the job in Indianapolis a few weeks ago if not for Kraft stepping in and having a meeting with him the morning of.

This feud will stay behind the scenes, because that’s how the Patriots work. The next season or two will be nothing short of a power battle back and fourth between Bill and Robert. The downfall of the Patriots has begun. Now we as fans have to deal with it.

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