Robbie Cano to be suspended

Robbie Cano to be suspended

Update 1:15pm – the MLB Players Association twitter feed has released this statement from Robinson Cano:

This Furosemide is listed on the World Health Associations list of Essential Medicines to help with fluid build up after a heart failure, liver scarring, or kidney disease. It also has been used in race horses, to treat and prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage’s.

According to; it is a diuretic, or a drug that causes its users to produce more urine. Which would come in handy if you knew you needed to flush something out of your system before a urine test…

It also has shown up on 2 other list: the World Anti-doping Agency’s Banned Drug List, and as we now can see – the MLB’s banned substance list. They ban the substance for that very reason – the concern that people may be using it to mask other drugs in their system.

Here at the Game Changer we raise no accusations; but this latest news draws more questions. Did Cano have a true medical reason to take Furosemide? Or what might he be masking, if he was abusing this substance?

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Several news outlets have reported that Robinson Cano is to be suspended 80 days under the MLB joint Drug and PED agreement for a failed drug test.

The 35-year-old second baseman was hitting .287 with 4 home runs and 23 RBI on the season.

Obviously, this will be a big blow to the Mariners offense, losing the heart of their lineup batting 3rd and everyday second baseman. Cano was just placed on the DL after breaking a bone in his hand, so they knew they would already missing Cano – but not for 80 games.

Awaiting more news on what actually is coming down, but the early belief is that it’s PED/steroid related.

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