Rivers & Gates Reunion?

Rivers & Gates Reunion?

With Hunter Henry down from a season ending ACL tear, and no legitimate TE threat, the big elephant in the room is Antonio Gates. Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers stated early Tuesday that he still stays in contact with Gates, and would even welcome bringing back the 37 year old free agent:

I’d always be excited if he walked back in the door. It would get my vote. – Phillip Rivers

The Chargers currently have no receiving threat at TE. Their depth consists of Virgil Green, Brandon Bowman, and Sean Culkin. Out of those three, Green is the only TE to have recorded a reception (71 catches, 807 yards, 4 TDs).

Before Henry tore his ACL, and after Gates left the team in April, Rivers spoke about Antonio Gates:

That is special. I couldn’t be more thankful. Speaking from a selfish standpoint, I don’t know where I’d be without him. If he hadn’t been here for 14 years, I don’t know what my career is like. – Phillip Rivers

Signing Gates back would make sense. The Rivers to Gates TD connection is 2nd all time with 87 scores. Only Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison have more TDs. Although he may only be a 1 year bandaid, that’s all the Chargers need right now until Henry recovers.

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