Replacing Mariota Is Not The Final Solution

Replacing Mariota Is Not The Final Solution

The Titans have officially named Ryan Tannehill their starting quarterback for their Week 7 match up against the Los Angeles Chargers, but why?

Tennessee fell to 2-4 after their shutout loss against Denver and Mariota was replaced in the third quarter after an awful game. He was 7-of-18 pass attempts for 63 yards and two interceptions. He did not seem to be clicking well with the offense in that game at all and the entire team just seemed in a funk at Mile-High Stadium.

But, is he really to blame for the Titans woes this year?

The offensive line has allowed Mariota to be sacked 25 times this year. To put that in perspective, both Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick have been sacked a combined 22 times this year.

There is no way a team thinks they can succeed while allowing their quarterback to be taken down that many times in a season. Even Brady has only been sacked 10 times this year!

In his short time on Sunday against the Broncos, Tannehill went 13-16 passing attempts for 144 yards and an interception. He was also sacked four times. FOUR TIMES?! That’s completely unacceptable. After the offensive line allowed Tannehill to be sacked that many times, the organization should have recognized that Mariota was clearly not the problem.

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And what happened to Derrick Henry?? He averaged less carries last year than he has this year and has had one 100 yard game. Granted he only had two last year, but that was with him rotating carries with Dion Lewis. With Henry as the starter this year, there is no reason he shouldn’t be averaging 75-100 yards per game with his size and strength.

While Tannehill is not a bad quarterback, he is not going to be the saving grace in Tennessee. If anything, it is going to make the situation much, much worse.

After being traded by the Dolphins in the offseason, he immediately landed in a back-up role to Mariota. He never really took a lot of snaps with the first team guys, he hasn’t had the opportunity to gel with the receivers or with his running backs.

While it looks good on paper, seeing what he did with a dismal Dolphins team last year, the Titans morale will soon drop. Especially if he comes out of the gate playing bad. It will expose the true weaknesses in the Titans offensive line and (hopefully) show the higher ups where the real need is on the team and what should be addressed as soon as possible.

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