Red Bull Racing Takes Shanghai

Red Bull Racing Takes Shanghai

And people say Formula 1 isn’t interesting anymore.

I highly doubt anyone could have predicted the outcome of the race this weekend. After a scary qualifying session fortelling engine troubles, the ‘Honey Badger’ Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull Racing drove out of his skin to take the chequered flag, proving that Red Bull’s disastrous race in Bahrain was indeed an anomaly.

That being said, Ricciardo’s teammate Max Verstappen seems to have reverted to type, having another collision with former world champion Sebastian Vettel. Anyone, myself included, would have predicted that Vettel would pull off a hat trick this weekend, but Mad Max made sure that didn’t happen when he once again attempted a daring overtake on Lewis Hamilton, which sent him spinning off the track and colliding with Vettel as he attempted a recovery.

This incident forced the safety car out, giving Verstappen and Ricciardo the chance to pit and change tires. This decision ultimately proved to be the intelligent one, as the Ferraris and Mercedes teams had difficulty matching Ricciardo’s crushing pace, with Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes placing second, a whole 8 seconds behind Ricciardo.

On the subject of Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen seems to have recovered properly from the incident in Bahrain where he ran over one of his mechanics, as he placed third in the race. Kimi, when he can stay on the track, has proved to be as big a threat as either of the Mercedes drivers.

This brings us onto the subject of Lewis Hamilton, who has yet to win a race this season, or even secure a position higher than third in qualifying after Australia. His pace seems to be slowing, as he came home fourth this Sunday. While his underwhelming performances have been proving strangely successful thus far, I was expecting more from the quadruple world champion. He and his teammate Valtteri Bottas have been remarkably consistent, with at least one of them claiming a podium in every race so far this season. Will the silver arrow’s consistency win them the championship again?

Oh, and remember that rookie from Torro Rosso who was the unexpected hero of Bahrain? Well, he very swiftly ended all hopes of being taken seriously again as he collided with his own teammate halfway through the race. While it was fun seeing a rookie perform so well last weekend, nobody expects him to do it again after the fiasco in Shanghai.

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