Raptors, Pelicans, Jazz Draft Report Cards

Raptors, Pelicans, Jazz Draft Report Cards

Here are three teams that are near the top of the league but weren’t able to crack the conference finals. Let’s see if they made the necessary moves to step their game up one more notch.

Toronto Raptors

Toronto had the best record in the Eastern conference and was 4 wins away from a shot at the conference title. You’d think a team so close to becoming elite would hold on to their coach who would go on to win coach of the year, or at least make some moves in the draft.

The Raptors did neither.

Toronto doesn’t have much room to wiggle when it comes to cap space for free agents this summer so the fact they did not make any type of move in the draft shows me they might have different plans than trying to get back to the semi-finals again.

2018 draft report card: F

New Orleans Pelicans (51st)

Tony Carr (G) Penn State

Despite a poor outing at the NBA combine, Carr has shown that it is his intangibles that made him valuable enough for the Pelicans to take a second round flier on.

Some had Carr being drafted in the 20’s and some didn’t have him being drafted at all.

A 6-foot-5 combo guard, Carr will look to work his way into a lineup where the likes of Walt Lemon Jr, Larry Drew, Josh Smith, and Mike James combined to play in over 40 games last season in New Orleans.

Most impressively Tony scored 20 points or more 17 times last season and lead Penn State to the NIT championship title.

The Pelicans front office said they liked his size, craftiness and ability to make shots. That and his experience of competition in a good conference stood out and made Carr appealing to them.

2018 draft report card: C

Utah Jazz (21st)

Grayson Allen (G) Duke

There were mixed reactions from Jazz fans the moment Allen was drafted. The uncertainty didn’t last long as Donovan Mitchell stormed in while Allen was being interviewed and gave a personal approval of Utah’s selection.

Infamously known for his antics in college for tripping players, Grayson can be a nuisance for opponents and potentially an organization. The general manager for the Jazz, Dennis Lindsay said that these issues were addressed and then went on to say that there couldn’t have been a better fit for what the organization needs.

Grayson Allen is interchangeable at the guard position. His strong suit is off the ball as a shooter and driver. The Jazz have one of the better ball moving teams and that’s a setting Allen is familiar with and thrives in.

The Utah Jazz are in a win now mode. They have reached the semi finals in consecutive seasons and they will look to get right back at with one of the more NBA ready players In Allen.

2018 draft report card: C+

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