Lebron Breaks out the Acting Chops

Lebron Breaks out the Acting Chops

As you may have heard Tyronn Lue is sidelined for the foreseeable future. It’s due to illnesses that have plagued him for the majority of the season such as chest pains and failure to sleep, and according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin he’s even been coughing up blood. Now let me get this out of the way before I kick this off and say I hope good ol’ boy Lue makes a full recovery and can make it back to the sideline this season. That being said, the real issue here is Lebron James trying to make it sound like Lue is anything more than a set piece.

“It’s like losing one of your best players. He’s the guy that’s pretty much the captain of our ship and has run the thing for the last three years. Everyone has to step up, we have coaches in place thats ready for that challenge…. But his health is most important, and we look forward to when he comes back.”

-Lebron James on Ty Lou’s absence, via ESPN

Is anyone really buying that losing Tyronn Lue is important what-so-ever? Last I checked this guy (Lebron) made it to a championship with Dave Blatt as his head coach and had him fired midway through the the very next season…as Cleveland was in FIRST place! Tyronn Lue isn’t anymore important to that team than than Gabe Pruitt was to the 2007-2008 Celtics. This is classic Lebron putting on some acting chops he got from Amy Schumer to try to make it seem like everything is stacked against him. Meanwhile I just watched the Celtics essentially start their bench and get torn up by Anthony Davis in the second half. Once playoffs come we all know James is going to go into playoff Lebron mode and it’s not going to matter at all who is “coaching” him.

Photo source: nerdist.com

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