QBs Looking to Step it Up

QBs Looking to Step it Up

So far the NFL season has been fun to say the least, with the whole NFC West currently undefeated minus the Cardinals and it’s looking like a powerhouse division. The Patriots have a stout offense that is looking to go 16-0 for the year. The Cowboys have stepped it up and are now looking like a favorite to win the NFC title. And of course Mahomes and the Chiefs are looking pretty unstoppable. But with all of the good, there is due to be some bad. A Lot of bad actually. This past week the NFL lost two of its star QBs with Drew Brees out at least 6 weeks due to torn ligaments in his thumb, and Ben Roethlisberger out for the rest of the season due to needing elbow surgery. On top of the injuries, other moves have taken place as Rookie Daniel Jones will take over for Eli Manning in New York, and Josh Rosen will finally get the opportunity to start in Miami. Let’s take a quick look at the 4 teams mentioned above and the backup QBs that will be taking over at front and center.

#1 Daniel Jones for the New York Giants


In a surprising move during the 2019 NFL Draft the Giants selected QB Daniel Jones 6th overall. Everyone in the sports world was completely dumbfounded by this move, but it looks like the Giants did plenty of research on the rookie. In the preseason he went 29-34 with 416 YDs, 2 TDs, and no interceptions ending up with a 137.3 QB rating. It looks as though Jones will take over the reigns of the Giants to become the new franchise QB as Eli Manning’s time in New York has finally come to an end.

#2 Mason Rudolph for the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Everyone knows that Big Ben’s time is coming to a close with the Steelers, so in 2018 the Steelers went out and grabbed Mason Rudolph in the 3rd round of the draft. Rudolph has sat back and learned behind his veteran QB to this point, but with Big Ben out for the season Rudolph will finally get his chance to show what he’s got. With Roethlisberger leaving the game in week 2, Rudolph stepped in and put up fair numbers completing 12-19 passes with 113 YDs, 2 TDs and 1 interception, he ended with a QB rating of 92.4. Questions are swirling as to whether or not Roethlisberger will hang em up after this injury, but ultimately Rudolph has a chance to shine for one of the more popular franchises in the NFL.

#3 Bridgewater takes over in New Orleans


Teddy Bridgewater was taken in the first round of the 2014 draft by the Minnesota Vikings. With the Vikings Bridgewater never became the QB they were hoping he had the potential to be. In 2018 he joined the Saints as a backup to future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. In week two Brees suffered torn ligaments in his thumb and is expected to be out for the next 6-8 weeks, therefore Bridgewater steps in. Bridgewater went 17-30 passing with 165 YDs after Brees left the game, he ended up with a 72.2 QB rating by the time it was all said and done. Bridgewater now has a chance to resurrect his career, it’s now or never!

#4 Rosen takes over for Fitzpatrick

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In a move that isn’t surprising Josh Rosen will take over the starting QB position in Miami. Ryan Fitzpatrick has made a career out of being a backup QB and through the first 2 weeks he proved just that. Rosen on the other hand has been dealt a bad hand, starting his career with the Cardinals who ended up going 3-13 last season, and he was ultimately traded to the Dolphins as Kyler Murray took over the QB position for the Cardinals. Rosen’s position with the Cardinals was no fault of his own as the whole coaching staff was a complete mess, not knowing how to utilize David Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, Rosen suffered because of it. He now finds himself in basically the same situation with a terrible Dolphins team. In two games with the Dolphins, Rosen is 8-21 with 102 YDs, and 1 interception putting up a QB rating of just 14.5, Time will tell if Rosen can turn into a good QB in this league, but for now it sure looks like one hell of an uphill battle for the kid.

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