PWI Rankings 2020: Jon Moxley #1

PWI Rankings 2020: Jon Moxley #1

The PWI 500 list has been a near 30 year tradition in wrestling history. Dating back to 1991, the wrestlers that reached the “Golden Spot” of number one have been remembered through their accolades in the ring. Men such as Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and A.J. Styles have all been age defining talents. This year, though, the historic number one spot goes to AEW’s current World Champion Jon Moxley. Jon’s in ring attributes spoke for themselves this past year, as he was the hottest commodity to try to sign moments before PWI’s start of their yearly evaluation (Mid June). His unorthodox and brawling style, topped with the shock of him popping up in AEW and NJPW made quite a splash on both promotions, and he was able to capture title gold in both promotions. There is no doubt that Jon Moxley was deserving of the #1 spot this year, but his mere presence brings about larger questions.

Moxley achieving number one also makes him the first wrestler to be on an American run wrestling promotion not named WWE in a decade (Last was A. J. Styles with TNA in 2010). He is also part of the NJPW roster as their IWGP US Champion. Of which in the 29 year history of the PWI 500 has only seen two other NJPW wrestler make the list in Kazuchika Okada in 2017, and Kenny Omega in 2018. In a list that is statistically stacked with WWE talent, having topped 24 of the 29 lists; It could be said that in the more recent years, talent may not all be forced to just the WWE.In fact, the top ten of 2020 is split even between WWE and other promotions, forcing us to leave the top three spots just to find a WWE Superstar on the “Main Roster”.

Full Pro Wrestling Insider Top Ten List:

1. Jon Moxley (AEW/ NJPW)
2. Adam Cole (WWE)
3. Chris Jericho (AEW)
4. Drew McIntyre (WWE)
5. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW)
6. Kazuchika Okada (NJPW)
7. Cody Rhodes (AEW)
8. Seth Rollins (WWE)
9. Kofi Kingston (WWE)
10. A.J. Styles (WWE)

Around the world, these men were ranked top of their class these past 12 months. Finding success at the highest levels of competition and proving their worth in the squared circle. Jon Moxley now has the honor of being ranked number 1 for 2020, and I believe that as a victory for the wrestling community. As a wrestler, there has never been as many opportunities to make a name for yourself then there is now. For fans, there has never been more ways to enjoy the sport from any promotion that fits your fancy. While Jon Moxley can celebrate for now…who knows who will step up for 2021? Or from where.

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