Puffins Take Home The Gold In Their Second Event As A Team

Puffins Take Home The Gold In Their Second Event As A Team

After a long and humid day on the field and a Northern Storm early exit, the playoffs started with the gate blown open for anyone to win. Northern Storm has won the last two events and looked unstoppable so far this year. On this day, they got into their own heads and just couldn’t bounce back.

Portland Puffins and New England Yeti’s played well all day leading them to a first round playoff bye. New England Yeti’s fell into the number one seed with a three and one record. The Puffins also had a three and one record and ended up with the second seed on tiebreakers.

In the first match of the quarterfinals, The Anti-Heroes and Dude Crew took each other to the limit in a two to one Dude Crew victory. Nathan Fitts carried the team with his aggressive play downfield. Nicholas Messier also had a god outing when it mattered most for the Dude Crew.

The second matchup in the quarterfinals was an Annihilation victory over Boston Shoguns two to nothing. Boston put up a decent fight but couldn’t close the deal against a very good Annihilation team. This set up the semifinals as Dude Crew against Portland Puffins and New England Yeti’s against Annihilation.

During the semifinals, the temperature rose significantly as the humidity started to take a toll on players and staff alike.

Portland Puffins rode their wave of momentum over Dude Crew in a crucial two to nothing win to move onto the finals. It seemed like Portland found a way to contain Dude Crew into the Dorito corner. Dude Crew had no answer to Portland in this matchup.

Annihilation took down New England Yeti’s in a two to nothing beating. On the first point Annihilation just beat up Yeti’s like the big bad school bullies that they pretend to be on the field. They didn’t lose a single guy for the point. Brandon Arsenault carried the team on the second point to move onto the finals.

The third/fourth place match saw the semifinal losers Dude Crew take on New England Yeti’s. This match was a one and done, winner take all. Dude Crew rushed up the field and didn’t lose a guy on route to a third place day.

Annihilation has been on the cusp for most of the season but just hasn’t been able to break through Northern Storm. This was the perfect chance for them and they choked it away against a new team. Portland Puffins made quick work of them in a two to nothing finals victory. JP Lydston had the winning kill and winning point in a one on one with Cody Morani who was glued to the snake corner while Lydston ran around mid field to get the advantage.

Picture Source: Aaron Perry of Game Changer Sports Network

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