Prospect Arrested On Drug Charges

Prospect Arrested On Drug Charges

Viktor Lodin, a 2019 fourth round draft pick for the Ottawa Senators, has been arrested on suspicion of drug-related crimes.

The Sweden native released a statement regarding the arrest, he had this to say : “ I apologize, last weekend I was caught using drugs. For this mistake I want to apologize. An apology to the organization Timra IK, to all partners, to fans, to members and to all of you who follow Timra IK. I have let myself down. Timra Ik has invested in me and given me the chance to develop here to become a better hockey player. I have let myself down and let down my teammates. I’m ashamed and I’m very sorry for what happened. I will take responsibility for this mistake I’ve made. Timra IK gives me support and help in this situation and I am grateful for that. What I have done was wrong, I will learn something from this for the future and I will participate in the organization’s work against drugs and pure gambling.”

Lodin signed with Timra and was set to play for them for the first time this season, last year he was with Orebro of the SHL.

His future in the NHL is now questionable considering Ottawa’s going to be hesitant to bring on a player who’s showed such off ice issues at such an early age.

Picture Source : USA Today

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One thought on “Prospect Arrested On Drug Charges

  1. Young and making mistakes, Don’t act like you’ve never been there, hopefully he learns from it and if he’s a good player he will succeed!

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