Jay White: AEW World Champion?

Jay White: AEW World Champion?

My cohosts on GCSN’s Ringside Roundup are are squabbling over who could possibly be AEW World Champion first. They have gone so far as to bet their own hair on wrestlers, their choices of Darby Allen and Hangman Page. This has led me to think of my own alternative to who could be AEW World Champion. But, because I love the long odds, I have decided to sidestep putting my red locks on the line. And that is because I’ll be backing the almost impossible prospect of Jay White as AEW World Champion.

Why Jay White? Jay is easily a fantastic ring worker in both wrestling and match psychology. A young man of 28, he has many more years in the business, yet still moves and sounds like a confident ring veteran. He has achieved success in New Japan, winning the IWGP Heavyweight title, IWGP Intercontinental Title, and IWGP US Title. While his heavyweight Championship was early during his career, he has never looked out of place as a top tier champion. Young and accomplished, Jay White is a fantastic choice for any title in any company.

Bullet Club and the “Opening of the Forbidden Door” I believe go hand in hand. Jay White is the current head of Bullet Club, the faction still a major player in New Japan. While current AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega was the previous leader. He and Bullet Club members such as The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and even the Good Brothers from Impact, have continued to show a decent bond in AEW and Impact. Trash talk from Bullet Club members toward one another over Twitter seem to show that the Japan and American factions are not necessarily bound together as a team. And with wrestlers from Impact, AEW, and New Japan having faced off in the last few months, the possibility of a Bullet Club Civil war seems possible, if not likely.

Kenny Omega is undoubtingly one of the best wrestlers in AEW. His Match of the Year accolades have been well recorded. His history with Bullet Club and New Japan makes him the perfect Champion for a New Japan challenger. Jay has also proven that he can be at the level of Kenny, having defeated Kenny to win the IWGP US Title. It was Kenny’s departure from Bullet Club that allowed Jay to rise into it’s leader spot. It could be argued that Jay is following in the footsteps of Kenny Omega, leaving the AEW World Title as a next logical step.

Obviously, this is a long shot at best. While Jay could easily fit into the bill as a world champion, companies and travel restrictions may hold that back. The “Forbidden Door” has been opened. Talent seems to be able to compete back and forth between the three companies, but it is hard to imagine allowing a world title fall onto another’s roster hands. And that is all the more reason why it could, and should happen. If not Jay White vs Kenny Omega for a Climactic Battle of Bullet Club in a war that spans three separate companies, what else could really satisfy?

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