Potential Game Changer: Arizona Cardinals

Potential Game Changer: Arizona Cardinals

In this series, I will be going through all 32 teams in the league and bringing forth the most likely player to break out in the 2018 season.

The Arizona Cardinals first on the docket. While they may have signed QB Sam Bradford and drafted QB Josh Rosen, people expect them to do well.

This series isn’t about the easy picks. I’m going to take an unknown player who has no expectations of being even a starter. I’m talking about the guys who the media doesn’t talk about.

I’m looking for the guys that have the potential to be a star, but haven’t had the opportunity.

For the Arizona Cardinals, my pick is DT Olsen Pierre. The 6-foot-5 inch, 300 pound defensive lineman really packed a punch in a short period of time last season.

He played in 14 games, 7 of them starts, and finished the season with 30 total tackles and an outstanding 5.5 sacks. He also forced one fumble, all while only playing in 33.14% of the snaps during the season.

Expect to see him on the field a lot more in 2018. The departures of DT Josh Mauro and DT Xavier Williams opened the door for him to step up and take control of the DT2 spot on the Cardinals defense. He could potentially have a 10+ sack season if he is used properly.

Picture Source: Raisingzona.com

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