Post NEPL D4 X-Ball Event 2 Power Rankings

Post NEPL D4 X-Ball Event 2 Power Rankings

Two events down in the 2019 NEPL Season, and we have seen only one team win championships; Merrimack Valley Spartans.

Now let’s take a look at how these twelve teams stack up.

12. New England Knights:

The Knights struggled severely in this event, losing all three matches before being eliminated at the end of the preliminary round.

Falling to Landslyde, Warriors, and Salt City Syndicate, the Knights did face two strong squads however were unable to walk away with a single win, and were outscored 14-2.

11. Boston Shoguns:

After qualifying for playoffs in the first event of the season, the Shoguns went 0-2-1, losing to the Demons, and Vision both 5-1, and then tying the Red Devils 2-2.

A bounce back is certainly expected heading into event three.

10. Landslyde:

Another event down, another event Landslyde did not qualify for playoffs.

Although their only win was against the New England Knights, they did however tie both the Warriors and Salt City Syndicate.

Definitely an improvement from last event, however not enough to get them over the hump.

9. New England Vision:

To some people’s surprise, the Visions struggled a little bit in event two.

Falling to both the Demons, and Red Devils 4-0, the highlight of their day was a dominating 5-1 win over the Boston Shoguns.

Visions will look to get back into qualifying for playoffs in event three.

8. New England Yetis:

The Yetis were unable to qualify for the playoffs this event, however many can wonder if it due to strength of schedule.

Falling to Rebellion 4-2, the Yetis bounced back with a 4-3 win over the 617 Pack before falling 4-0 to the eventual champions Merrimack Valley Spartans.

7. New England Rebellion:

After making the playoffs in their first event as a team, the Rebellion fell backwards a bit this event.

After starting the day with a 4-2 win over the New England Yetis, Rebellion would then fall 4-1 to the Spartans, and then finished the day with a 2-2 tie against 617 Pack.

The Rebellion will look to get back into playoff standing in just their third event as a team.

6. 617 Pack:

The 617 Pack had the strongest start of the day taking down the Spartans 5-3 after falling behind 2-0, however would struggle the rest of the day falling to the Yetis 4-3, and tying Rebellion 2-2.

The 617 Pack consistently show moments of brilliance, then will fall off the rails during times they need it most.

Consistency has to be the main concern for the 617 Pack.

5. Fort Drum Demons:

Qualifying for the playoffs, the Demons took down both the Boston Shoguns, and Vision in dominant wins, 5-1, and 4-0 to be exact.

However would fall 3-1 to the Red Devils due to dominating defense.

The Merrimack Valley Spartans would take them out in the first round of the playoffs with a deciding 5-1 win.

4. High Velocity Red Devils:

Going 2-0-1 in the preliminary round, the Red Devils did earn themselves a first round bye in the playoffs in a huge improvement from the first event.

Taking down the Vision 4-0, and the Demons in a dominating 3-1 win, the Red Devils would eventually find themselves in the finals before falling to the Spartans 4-3.

Much is to be expected from the Red Devils heading into event three.

3. Salt City Syndicate:

After going home early in event one, Syndicate had a significant improvement in event two.

Syndicate would tie the Warriors 3-3, then go on to defeat Landslyde 4-0, and the Knights 5-1, scoring three consecutive points.

Salt City Syndicate did earn themselves a bye in the first round of the playoffs, however would have to face the Spartans in the Semi-Finals, falling 4-3 in overtime.

2. Warriors:

Yet again the Warriors were right behind the Spartans, however were eliminated in the Semi-Finals by the the eventual finalists Red Devils.

Going 2-0-1 in the preliminary matches, the Warriors tied Syndicate 3-3, and then would go on to allow just one point in their final two preliminary matches, taking down the Knights 4-0, and Landslyde 4-1.

The Warriors would fall to the Red Devils 3-2 as they simply ran out of time as they made it 3-2 with just :19 on the clock.

1. Merrimack Valley Spartans:

Led by Bill Mulready, and Thomas Turck, the Spartans found themselves on top for the second consecutive event of the 2019 season.

After falling 5-3 in their opening match to the 617 Pack, the Spartans quickly flipped the script taking down the Rebellion 4-1, and the Yetis 4-0 in dominating victories.

Facing the Demons in the first round of the playoffs the Spartans won 5-1, then would go on to beat Syndicate 4-3 in overtime after trailing 3-1, and would win the championship in a 4-3 victory over the Red Devils.

Event three is set for June 30th for D4 X-Ball, will anyone be able to best the Spartans when it matters most?

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